KISS with Martin Avis

KISS workshop Martin AvisWell Hello, better late than never is always a good motto to live by, you may have a schedule or a deadline however what happens if you miss it?

Do you give up, throw in the towel, beat yourself up for your failure or do you take away the lessons learned from this miss.

As you may know if you are a regular, Monday is my schedule and weekly deadline for this blog, unfortunately this week I missed that date due to my activities over the weekend, it would appear that I was not the only one but I will get to that later.

Over the weekend I attended the KISS workshop hosted by Martin Avis, now the term one of the ‘good guys’ gets used all too often and most often when you are trying to prove a black hat marketers innocence but in Martin’s case there is no need for smoke and mirrors.

Martin Avis is a marketer that has always acted with great ethics, he only ever advises others to do the same and all for one simply reason.

You should be building a business for the long term, all black hat marketers and their ‘systems’ will eventually get found out, its just a matter of when.

On with the Show

The one tip when going to any event or workshop is to be clear about what you want to get out of it.

For me that is always meeting other marketers face to face, learning new techniques and justifying old ones. The other benefit is to clarify where you are in the evolutionary path of successful marketing.

There was by general agreement several evolutionary stages that all attendees and marketers have to progress through, from the shiny object stage where all opportunities are the right ones and then the processing of all this information at the same time until finally you accept that you cannot do it all.

At this point you begin to discard all that is not right for you and focus on what you feel is the most appropriate path for you to take, it maybe the wrong one but by allowing yourself to fail, you will quickly find out and be ready to test the next one.

At the event there were 6 speakers, of these only 3 made the Sunday night cut.

Let me explain, during the event I take notes on all of the presentations because all too often you are not really sure where they are going with their show. Once I have returned back to my room, I then go through the notes and extract the key points from those activities that are likely to used in the very near future, all else is discarded.

There is little point in keeping training that will be out of date when the time comes to use it.

Martin Avis

His focus is on writing and in his Kickstart newsletter he reveals how it should be done in practice.

The creation of text is a skill that is central to everything that you and I do, whether that is writing, video or audio marketing they all start with a written draft.

Martin like the title of his workshop likes to keep it simple stupid and his rule on writing follows this precisely.


Personal, talk with the person, engage with their emotions.


Real, write like you would talk, not cellphone text, use everyday words and grammar in a simple structure.


Often, communicate as frequently as you can sustain the readers interest


Solo, talk with just one person, consider a single reader and their relationship with the topic you are addressing.


Ethical, if you have to ask then it’s a no, there is no right way to do the wrong thing.


Gary Vurnum

He was one of the marketers that never made the cut, pure and simply because Kindle publishing is not for me at the moment however the Kindle does offer some great advantages.

As I begin to create my first membership site, I realize that I will need to have a sales page created, having outsourced this before with poor results, I am going to do this myself, thus I need to learn the fundamentals of this skill.

The Warrior forum is the meeting point for all marketers and has a dedicated area for Copywriters, in there I found many recommendations for the book “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word” by Joseph Sugarman however at around $30 for a used copy, I had second thoughts. Thankfully Kindle came to the rescue, with its version coming in at $10, thus I was sold and it was bought.

Kindle is a great way to publish and read even if like me you do not own a Kindle, I read using my smartphone application.


Neil Stafford

Talking of membership sites, here came a leading light in this field to share his experiences and knowledge.

His best tip, just do it.

Once you have found a group of people that have a passion they will pay for, get your membership site in front of them and allow them to satisfy their passion by spending money with you on a recurring basis.

This type of site is truly the marketers dream, build it once and get paid repeatedly whilst you do other things.


Andrew Hansen

is focused on creating niche sites that allow passionate people to spend money via his sites. One crucial part of this is finding these passionate people thus although creating niche sites never made the cut, his advice on finding passionate people did.


Sarah Staar

delves into markets deemed too competitive by others, the first part of course is to ensure that these are the right type of markets for her systems to thrive in. As you know success is all dependent upon your initial research which is where Sarah excels and this has been added to my arsenal.


Jo Dodds

is one of the few ‘true’ social media experts and she provided many great insights into using this form of networking responsibly and effectively.


Rob Cornish

Regardless of how well your membership site is written, presented or graphically impressive, if no one knows it exists then you have wasted your time.

The one big lie about the internet is that ‘if you build it they will come’

Lets for a moment compare the Internet to your towns high street.

To get any particular shop you have no option but to walk past several other shops, unless of course you are able to park directly outside your desired destination. This of course means that each and every shop front you pass is working on your mind, leaving images to be recalled at a later date.

On the Internet, you do not have to travel past other options to get to your destination, especially if you have bookmarked these.

This is why traffic generation is a crucial skill that you must either master or outsource to your dedicated team or  affiliates.

Rob gave us 10 traffic strategies and I am sure you will be able to work out what these were when you follow the link below to his blog.

==> GainHigherGround.


Why did I miss my Monday deadline?

Because as Rob revealed in his email update on Tuesday, just like me he was shattered from the whole experience of the weekend, it is surprisingly tiring being totally absorbed in other people’s stories for two days.

He took Monday off and I should have done the same, it has taken me until now to get my energy nearly back to normal levels.

Thus when you do decide to get out and meet other marketers in the flesh, be prepared for the recovery time required afterwards. The key to making these events a success is what you do with the information during the next few weeks and in particular the filtering you do immediately after the event.


What is your post event routine?