Keeping it Simple

compass-web_sxc_iprole_thumb.jpgIf you are list building and you should have nodded at this point, then knowing what list building activities are working best for you is essential.

I have been following a system called TE Profits, whose goal is to generate a stream of traffic to your optin pages, automate your TE credit building and generate cash in the process of doing all of this. Now this system is focussed on Traffic Exchanges, hence the name and also Safe Lists.

The idea is that by building a large list and having your TE credit stock being built by your downlines, then you can focus on building relationships with those in your downlines and your lists.

This of course means you can create a stable future for yourself and all those that are involved with you.

The key to reaching that stage is of course  knowing what is working for you and this is the point of this weeks video.


I hope you found the video useful, I had a lot of fun creating it. I use Vegas Movie Studio to edit my videos, however I do not know about you but I cannot bring myself to do tutorials. I would rather test myself  by creating something I am going to use, which is why I thought I would mix this weeks video up a bit.

One final thing, although we are all busy creating a better future for those around us, do not lose sight or touch with the friends that you make along your journey. Last night I spotted a link to a blog post on Facebook by a great friend Sally Neill, that highlighted this point beautifully.

We all have our strengths and our challenges and by working together we can ensure that the majority of us make it to our goals.