Keeping It Simple The End of Many Domains

know-like-trust-web_sxc_mexikids_thumb.jpgYou may know that I have joined Chris Farrell’s membership site
and in the forum there I was directed to a video, that will
if you are in the Internet Marketing land of confusion,
strip all of that away.

Online there is a lady called Jo Barnes who has managed to make
massive strides online in a very short space of time. I
think by any ones measure 6 months is a very brief space of

As you may know Internet marketing is all about problem solving,
people want to have pleasure or avoid pain. Once you have
identified the pain or pleasure people have got in mind then
you have to provide them a solution.

This is where it all gets a little bit confusing.

You can use PLR, write articles, create videos, write your
own ebook and many more things besides, the end goal is to
ensure that they join your list in return for receiving
that solution.

Jo Barnes manages to strip all this noise away and add just
one final step after you have identified the issue people
have got in their mind.

If you would like to strip away all of the nonsense in your
Internet Marketing then I highly recommend that you watch
the free video on Jo’s site via the link below

Tonight I have contacted my registrar and set several of my domains to expire as I need just as you should to follow Jo’s advice