Keeping an Open Mind When Blogging

In the process of oil rig hopping I came across a great post from John Paul Aguiar about tools to make blogging easier and better. One of the tools that got me really excited was using Windows Live Writer to create the blog content.

Although I love writing to my email list. I had begun to hate the entire process, of logging into Woman with typewriter.Aweber checking the stats then writing a message with the mind-set that hopefully this one will be the most opened and clicked message yet. The entire process became about numbers and not the content I was giving to my subscribers.

The solution was simple separate the creation and delivery processes.

This has worked like a dream and it is thanks to Martin Avis that I am now using Text Formatter Plus to write my messages. This result is that I write what I want without having the moment spoilt by a page of numbers and this software sets each message up for perfect plain text delivery.

Windows Live Writer appears to do the same for your blogging and as this is why this post is hopefully media rich when you read it. I wanted to test out the features whilst letting you know that things are beginning to get back normal in my daily routine. Although I am having to build an entirely new business support team as the current team have either vanished or appear to not be meeting my expectations.

If my hair was longer I would probably have pulled it out by now.

On Monday night, which as you may know is my Friday night, this is due to my current contract working pattern, I decided to stop the company website looking so sorry for itself.

Amazing what you can achieve with focus and lot of alcohol

The site, is a hub site where all of the company services are highlighted and linked to.

This film is part of the video CV that I created for the site and reflects the great time I had whilst serving at RAF Lyneham in the RAF,  and yes they did do mass sorties as shown in the video. Our biggest involved 33 of these fantastic aircraft all filled with paratroopers destined for Salisbury Plain.

This video did not add properly although the image did, so will have to look into that but Windows Live Writer could still be a useful service for blog content creation if I can sort out this video issue.

I will finish as I started, do visit John Paul Aguiar he has listed some fantastic blogging tools and resources.