It’s All About Steve

Steve my customer profile for make money onlineI really want Steve to succeed for he is the focus of all I do online

Of course it wasn’t always this way.

Perhaps you have yet to define your target customer and if you have that means you are never sure how and what to write. This is where I was and not where I want you to remain.

I have looked on far too many forums, blogs and in Google searches trying to find the template to create the perfect avatar. Sadly I never found the complete template and that is for one simple reason.

You and I are in the people business.

And the one skill those who are successful have is empathy.

When creating your target customer profile definition, you do not have to start from scratch, instead look at your existing metrics and see who you are currently attracting.

If they are a reasonable fit for your solution then you have a good start.

This is an important point to note: You will need a separate customer profile for each solution niche you are offering

As I have been using SocialSprout to schedule, manage and track my performance on Twitter and Facebook for a while, they now have a good handle via their dashboard report on the gender and age range of my audience.

So I am starting with a 38 year old man, who wants to make money online which is the focus of my target solution.

However man is not a particularly engaging title so I chose Steve as his name for no particular reason.

You used to be able to use Alexa to gain further market demographics however they no longer allow free access and the basic paid data is not particularly useful for customer profile definition.

Thus we have to get personal and walk in Steve’s shoes, this is where the empathy is required.

You need to get your customer to tell you their story

  • where do they live, is it where they want to be?
  • Where are they in their career, what brings them to look for your solution?
  • What issues in their life could be addressed by your solution?
  • What does their average day look like and what would they want it to look like?
  • How do they want to leave their mark on the world?

Here is the intro from Steve’s story

Steve is 38 and in the middle of his corporate career, he has realized his job will not provide the freedom he was promised in school and yet he still wants to leave his mark on the world whilst ensuring his family lead a life free from constant financial pressure.

The final paragraph is very telling

Steve has given up on the WarriorForum and now spends his time in Facebook groups, YouTube and Twitter

Remember the online profile definition begins as an imaginary persona and you then market to this person, relying on your data to prove or disprove these assumptions. I have assumed, like me Steve is no longer active on the WarriorForum thus I need to focus on defining the most likely Facebook groups and YouTube channels where he will be active. I also hope he is on Twitter as that is my favorite social network and my data will reveal the truth of this.

What I did once I had written the complete story was to go through and bold the key points. Steve’s story is now stuck above my computer and is the final decider on whether I share content and the prime focus of my content creation.

If you would like the list of questions I used to create Steve’s story and the full version simply leave a comment below and check the box, “Notify me of replies to my comment”. It will then be sent to you, once your comment has been approved. Just to be clear, you will only receive email notification of comments from this post and you can stop them by clicking the link at the bottom of any notification.