Is Ymail Dead?

YahooMail.jpgAlthough it may appear so, I do not think it will die anytime soon, for one very good reason.

When I first started online, I was interested in starting an ebay business and hooked up with a mentor who showed me how to find products and import them from China.

His first piece of advice

Never use Western Union, you may as well just give the money away, and yet this company still exists and obviously there are still people using it, without problem.

I never did import anything from China directly as the alternative to Western Union, a bank transfer, meant an additional $80 bank handling charge just for sending the money to China. This represented about 30% of the sample price, which made the entire idea uneconomic.

The reason I mention Ymail is I had a problem with its delivery tonight, I discuss and several other issues I have had this weekend in the video, I also end on a good note for you.



Items mentioned in the video

Stuart Turnbull

List Laser 30 Day Listbuilding Challenge



Remember in the first video, I mentioned that yes the list building challenge is a competition but really the hardest competitor you face is yourself.

No one can defeat you as well as you can.

The real list building challenge is to keep doing it, even when you, technology or others manage to muck up your plans and systems.

On a happier note, I got a reply from Stuart whilst recording this video, with an answer to my question. So I know for definite that there is an issue with ymail.