Is it Any Wonder

Know yourself and your plan to silence the noise

As marketers we have a whole world of opportunity to pursue so there is really no reason that any marketer should fail but as the stats state only 5 in every 100 will break free from the traditional job market and become their own boss.

There is a common reason for this which I am sure you have faced, information overload.

The key to overcoming paralysis by analysis is to discover your strengths and to ensure that whatever marketing techniques you pursue, play to you skills and strengths.

Of course that is easier said than done

Perhaps this small audio clip will clarify the problem that faces your subscribers and perhaps still you.

[audio:|titles=Silence the Marketing Noise]

This was an idea I have had for a while and as I said in the clip, don’t be afraid to just try out your ideas. Sometimes you will hit gold but of course more often than not you will reach a dead end.

However if you are travelling along a path to your goal that plays to your strengths and you are testing many ideas then occasionally you will hit the jackpot and open up a new opportunity that may just shortcut your journey.

But, if you never take a chance you will never get lucky.

I wrote a review on the free mind mapping software that I use which you can see by visiting my review site

And of course the final question is, what golden eggs are your sitting upon at the moment?