Inappropriate Marketing

ad-board-web_sxc_asabirdHaving spent the weekend on the road, travelling cross country and visitng many service stations, I have seen way too many promotional banners and posters.

However one thing struck me during one such rest stop.

Do these advertisers ever consider the reality of the lives that their target audience leads?

I mean advertising in front of a captive audience is a great idea and one that many advertisers have taken into their marketing campaigns.

However you can I think take it too far.

This is one for gentleman amongst us however ladies I am sure your reaction would be the same.

What would be your reaction if we were standing next to each other in the rest room going through the motions when I whipped out my camera?

I am sure the last reaction on your mind would be indifference, the most likely would be one of a highly verbal if not physical nature. This obviously could lead you to the casualty department if you are lucky or the local police station if the local police are not sympathetic to your geek obsession, yet the advertisers persist on encouraging us consider this risky course of action.

There is a time and place for advertising with technology, scanning QR codes above urinals is neither the time nor the place.

When designing your promotional material do you consider where it will be used and ensure it is optimised for these locations or do you take the lazy approach and hope your audience uses their common sense.