In Facebook We Distrust

onlyonecansee_webAs part of my new mentors training program he has encouraged me to create an affiliate blog with some review posts, the reason for this is that affiliate marketing is the fastest way to generate an income online. It is however not the golden egg, as this type of marketing will prevent you from taking your marketing to the highest levels.

To really develop a long term and sustainable online income you need create and market your own products but that is for his next series of lessons, although I already have several un-marketed products out in the ether.

The affiliate program of choice was Commission Commando.

The review took several very intensive days to complete as I will not write horoscope type reviews, no vague entries about how good the system created by the dark haired handsome man was. Thus I needed to go through the training and it was pretty comprehensive.

As the training was video based it was all to easy to follow along, lemming like, doing exactly as Sean described and this is where the problems occurred.

Perhaps you can answer the following question for me

If you are marketing on Facebook pages why do you need a fake Facebook account to do this with?

Having written an introductory book on the principles of Facebook, it is clear to me that pages are separate to your personal profile but of course linked through ownership to you. This latter point maybe why some feel the need to create separate accounts but I am not convinced, as Facebook is not that stupid.

When you are online you leave identity markers wherever you go and these are far more detailed than just your declared username and profile.

Now I am sure I am missing the point here but I just do not understand why you would setup fake accounts to achieve something you can achieve in your own account without jeopardising both accounts. If Facebook hates your page or app that much, all they need to do is either remove it themselves of demand you do it.

Is this perhaps all part of the anti-corporation hysteria that seems infect so many people?

We dislike you because you are successful, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and of course Sky, they all have their own dedicated hate campaigns, that are based purely upon the fact that they are good at what they do. Okay I admit Sky have crossed the line into actual illegal activity but they are the exception to the rule.

I have a healthy respect for Facebook and all other sites that attract mass negativity from the online community, I will use them for my purposes whilst ensuring that I am not too closely tied into them. Facebook pages are a great and free way to promote almost anything but this is a channel that is not totally under your control and this is a point far too many forget.

I have seen several sites handing over their entire membership control to Facebook which strikes me as madness, you would never buy a house and then let others know the key is under the mat!

So why do we try mistrust Facebook and try to outwit them at every turn?


  1. H’mmmm?

    I guess that looking at your queries (Questions) you seem to have many outstanding points that are negative features to “Commission Commando”

    Does this mean that you don’t like the automated software and will not be using it yourself?

    1. Hi Allan, I certainly wont be using the system to the letter as I do not like using trickery in your relationship with other services, ie Facebook. I got a slap from them which meant I had to find a way around that issue, I do not want to put my Facebook account at risk for a product I do not have the faith in to publicly promote with my name.

      It is a good system overall that opens the door to many possibilities once you adapt it slightly to equal your ethical stance and I will be using it again to promote products that I have already seen progress in via free methods, Amazon affiliate promotions as an example.

      Not a glowing recommendation I know but as a lesson in social integration it was money well spent.

  2. Hi,

    i agree with you. All social networks and platforms are good for promotion your products, because this is the future. Many people with business have fake accounts and spam all this platform. It’s not good for the “real” users.

    I think, with quality, good backlinks, great ideas and new methods you can have a successful site.

    I wish you much success with your training program for affiliate marketing. It’s a very interesting world an i learn so much in last weeks about SEO and all the other methods for building my own business. I hope; I can learn enough for build my own business next Year.

    1. Hi Sandy thanks for the support, none of the big players online are stupid and simply using a fake name is not going to be enough to fool them. Google is introducing author tags to identify those who create great content, obviously you could pass yourself as one of the greats but with both Google and DCMA no longer treating the Internet as some hick wild west town where everything goes, you would be a fool to pursue this path.

      Affiliate marketing like all other forms of marketing is about helping people and through this you help yourself.

      Love the title of your blog, really leaves plenty to the imagination and is an area that many people are struggling with at the moment. Thanks to Chrome for translating it automatically for me.

  3. Hey Igor,

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job with Commission Commando.

    I honestly haven’t heard much about it but right now I’m in one of ‘those’ moments where I just have too much stuff to digest.

    So I just wanted to wish you good luck with it and I think it was wise to create that sub domain inside a blogspot account.

    It might get some Google Love but then again, I guess you never know.

    So have fun with it, I know it’s not a walk in the park to write a great review but it really pays off in the end, because those are the ones that close the sale in the end.

    Take care and speak soon!


    1. Sergio I know what you mean! My mentor said go and review a product but to do this with a clear conscience meant actually using the product, a unique approach these days sadly. I am glad I selected Commission Commando because although I have reservations about following his system exactly there is plenty of scope to integrate this into other promotional systems.

  4. Hey Igor,

    Great post mate!

    I suppose Facebook could be a great tool if you know how to use it properly. I, unfortunately don’t:)

    Like you, I think building a business around your own sites and blogs is by far a better way to go. You have a lot more control and you know content won’t get deleted.

    BTW, good meetup in North Allerton yesterday afternoon. It was great to meet like-minded individuals interested in IM. Since you’re not too far I’ll probably make the trip to meet up with you after Christmas if you’re up for it?

    Anyway, take care mate and keep up the good work!


    1. My concern with Facebook is that far too many marketers seem intent on using trickery in their marketing when to my mind it is not needed then they wail when they get a slap! I have given up on Facebooks personal area as they change the layout and methodology far too often however interestingly the business side, Pages, has not changed that much in the last 12 months.

      If I am still living in Norfolk after the festivities then I look forward to meeting up with you, by then my divorce decree should be finalised, great Christmas present!

  5. It is odd that people use fake accounts to set up pages. I wonder if the terms and conditions for advertising on facebook may make the pages dubious as to whether they are acceptable, and people are scared of losing their main account if they break them?

    I’m sure Facebook must log accounts by IP address anyway.

    1. Setting up FB Pages using a fake personal account is total breach of their terms and conditions, I suspect it may also break several Internet trade laws. As marketers why are some so scared of declaring their activity, when to do so could kill a major part of their business?

      After all following the Commission Commando system, my fake account got slapped down by Facebook and thus I had to use my real account to finish the trial. There are plenty of good parts to this system but the fakery is not one of them.

  6. A number of fake accounts is growing day by day and of course, it’s a pity.
    Certainly social media is an excellent way to promote any business, but I think that it should be done correctly, but not by creating such accounts

    1. The fake account I created whilst testing Commission Commando has proved to be a pain in the neck as my password manager now insists on trying to log me into this dead account. You should always consider the long term as todays loophole soon becomes tomorrows Panda.

  7. I am an avid facebooker, I have promoted my page on facebook by connecting it to my account and don’t care what people think about it! But there are many who actually care, facebook is a platform where you might have your relatives, childhood friends, teachers, acquaintances and even your old flames.Many are not comfortable in sharing what they are doing currently to the whole world around them.This is the reason I feel people end up faking at facebook.

    1. As one of my mentors said, as a marketer you have to be comfortable with what you promote and those around you need to understand that this is the business you are in. That said however Facebook provides the page area for marketing purposes and the profile areas for personal interaction, I think you need to tread very carefully when it comes to mixing the two together.


  8. I think it is best to not mix business and pleasure on Facebook. I keep my profile for my friends, family and fun staff and my business page is pretty much strictly business. It seems to be the message experienced marketers are getting across for this very popular media platform.

    All the best

    1. You would never pitch your friends but you would let them know what you are up to, that is the important distinction to make on your profile. Your pages are of course commercial by nature but should still treat your potential clients as friends but this time be more direct and focussed on what you are offering.

  9. I think the answer to this question is simply in the nature and the possibilities of the internet. People usually have several accounts online, some of which can be connected by the usernames, and some others can’t. This has started way before the social media platforms. First everyone had an email account, then probably 3 more because of various reasons like the previous account being suspended due to the website closing, or any other reasons. In other words, when we started using the internet, not that long ago, we started by creating a succession of different accounts, pseudonyms, etc. And, in addition to this, the real life of today has also become multifaceted. So, it might not be a conspiracy fear that makes people create a 2. account for business making, but simply a way and a need to separate the business from their private lives – something many of us had wished for for years before the internet.
    I enjoyed thinking about this and clarifying it for myself too! Best wishes, Leonard

    1. Leanard, you make a very good point, after all when we are posting on Facebook do we really want our bosses to know what we really think of them! The other reason of course could very personal…my ex-wife when we first met refused to call me igor, her reasoning…there was no way she was shouting my name across a crowded pub thus for many months I was known as Liam.

  10. Thank you for sharing such sound advice, Igor!

    Instead of looking for “the goose that lays the golden egg,” we should be on guard for ‘the wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

    Thanks again for offering you insight!

    1. Thanks George, I have tested a few marketing techniques from those that decry the scams that others pull. When I raised my head from the keyboard to see what all the beeping was about, I found that their system nearly got me banned from many sites, I am now banned from Youtube thanks to such advice on one of my gmail accounts.

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