In Facebook We Distrust

onlyonecansee_webAs part of my new mentors training program he has encouraged me to create an affiliate blog with some review posts, the reason for this is that affiliate marketing is the fastest way to generate an income online. It is however not the golden egg, as this type of marketing will prevent you from taking your marketing to the highest levels.

To really develop a long term and sustainable online income you need create and market your own products but that is for his next series of lessons, although I already have several un-marketed products out in the ether.

The affiliate program of choice was Commission Commando.

The review took several very intensive days to complete as I will not write horoscope type reviews, no vague entries about how good the system created by the dark haired handsome man was. Thus I needed to go through the training and it was pretty comprehensive.

As the training was video based it was all to easy to follow along, lemming like, doing exactly as Sean described and this is where the problems occurred.

Perhaps you can answer the following question for me

If you are marketing on Facebook pages why do you need a fake Facebook account to do this with?

Having written an introductory book on the principles of Facebook, it is clear to me that pages are separate to your personal profile but of course linked through ownership to you. This latter point maybe why some feel the need to create separate accounts but I am not convinced, as Facebook is not that stupid.

When you are online you leave identity markers wherever you go and these are far more detailed than just your declared username and profile.

Now I am sure I am missing the point here but I just do not understand why you would setup fake accounts to achieve something you can achieve in your own account without jeopardising both accounts. If Facebook hates your page or app that much, all they need to do is either remove it themselves of demand you do it.

Is this perhaps all part of the anti-corporation hysteria that seems infect so many people?

We dislike you because you are successful, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and of course Sky, they all have their own dedicated hate campaigns, that are based purely upon the fact that they are good at what they do. Okay I admit Sky have crossed the line into actual illegal activity but they are the exception to the rule.

I have a healthy respect for Facebook and all other sites that attract mass negativity from the online community, I will use them for my purposes whilst ensuring that I am not too closely tied into them. Facebook pages are a great and free way to promote almost anything but this is a channel that is not totally under your control and this is a point far too many forget.

I have seen several sites handing over their entire membership control to Facebook which strikes me as madness, you would never buy a house and then let others know the key is under the mat!

So why do we try mistrust Facebook and try to outwit them at every turn?