Imagination for the Uninspired

This blog has now been altered to focus on my area of activity, which makes sense if you like most us do at some time struggle for content,

If you are writing about what you are doing everyday, unless you are able to sit still and do absolutely nothing, then you will always have a topic to fire up your imagination.yawn

This blog is now focussed on article marketing promotion and a social media strategy to assist in this promotion. I have other blogs that cover other areas of business and this is why I re-drew the activity lines for each blog.

Last time I discussed a way of finding content for an article, there is an even easier way to do this and one that will use sources that Google considers to be the best. If you are trying to impress the search engines then you might as well start with source material that has already brought a smile to the Google spiders.

This technique relies upon you having already decided upon a set of keyword phrases to focus on. As I said I have several other blogs and each one has a dedicated area of focus and keyword phrases to match, each of these is used in this system to locate relevant inspiration.

I have talked about this method before but as this is now a blog with a new direction, I thought you would benefit from hearing about it again.

I am of course talking about Google Alerts

This is a great way to bring in a summary of how your keyword phrases are being used on the Internet in real time. All you have to do is check each result until one of them fires up your imagination, this is the key point and one you must understand.

I am not suggesting you should write about the subject that is discussed in the Alert, rather your content must be based upon what your imagination has been inspired to write.

A great example of this was my article on the X Factor, this was a lesson to all bloggers to get out there and makes friends of blogging strangers, otherwise you will never make progress with your blogging.

Here are my top tips to make the most of an Alert.

  • Look for Alerts that engage with your imagination
  • Scan the entire alert and any linked material
  • Extract the key points
  • Read these points
  • Can you feel a story developing
  • What would be the main point and benefit of this story?
  • Select an article style
  • Place each key point in a separate paragraph
  • Let your imagination provide the benefit of each key point with regards to the main theme

This is how I use Google Alerts to create my own articles, now of course there are days when nothing fires up my imagination but if you are active on Social media or are receiving plenty of emails, there will always be other sources of inspiration open to you.

The only problem with these alternatives is that the content is totally random and unfocussed, which will make your task of remaining focussed all the harder.

I hope this helps and if you have any suggestions or alternatives then please share them, we could all benefit from alternative points of view.