If Its Good Enough for Sally Count Me In!

mastermind communityIt may come as no surprise, but the recommendation for the 100 Blog comment challenge came from my friend Sally Neil, she is incredible.

Just like Sally, I am in the 100 Blog Comment Challenge and am looking forward to getting out there and making new friends.

If you want to find out more about this challenge, click on the image above and all will be revealed.

Okay I am back to finish this post off.

I have just finished day one of  a webinar with Chris Farrell in which he explains how to use Facebook to its full potential. There is some killer information in his presentation, of which I have already implemented some.

I am going to write this up and provide you all with a free no strings attached copy for a few days. I will try and get it written by next Friday.

In the meantime if you can I recommend that you attend day 2 of this free event by following this link Chris Farrell – This link will open in a new window.

One quick mindset tip for Facebook, it is only us that calls them fan pages. Facebook call them pages for a reason, they are there for you to use, to help promote your business, here is a great example…Armed Forces Day

Well this post is a bit scatty, but tonight I had scheduled  according to my diary a ‘Night off, get some rest and early to bed’

Great when life throws you a curve ball, always be ready for the opportunities when they arise, because you never know the value in the suprise until you open the box.

Look forward to visiting your blog, once I have had some sleep.