I Had an Idea!

Ray of InspirationYesterday I had an idea.

Now that is not a great revelation but all too often those great ideas are either lost or manage to cause chaos in our lives.

Unfortunately for me the latter was the case and really it did not have to be that way.

However as I am still getting used to my new way of working it will take time to solidify all the necessary adjustments to my habits until they become natural and the instinctive action.

Yesterdays great idea was due to an impending decision that both you and I will have to make if you visit more than a handful of blogs. With just over 30 days until the deadline, my great idea was to review our options which I duly did in a post over at my review site.

This review took most of the day which meant the Sunday schedule lay in tatters with only the most vital parts recovered by burning the midnight oil.

Of course it did not have to be that way because even with a deadline looming there is still plenty of time to save this idea for later refinement whist ensuring the schedule is adhered to.

Late comer to Content Planning

I have heard all too often that I should be planning my content but unfortunately no one explained clearly how to actually do it, at least not in a way that made sense to me. That may say more about me than it does about them!

Evernote features in many of these recommended systems and it really is a great way to store your ideas for later refinement which is the first part of managing your content creation, moving on from the idea that it has to be done right here right now before its lost.

The one big issue is that no one seems to mention the reason for creating your content.

I maybe wrong but to me it makes sense for your content plan to play second fiddle to your solution plan.

Whether that plan comprises your own, affiliate or refined PLR does not really matter it just makes sense to me that your content should be centered around your ultimate goal which of course is to help people via your solutions.

Note I have not mentioned products because to me that is such an empty word that leads only to self interested thinking.

I may have this completely wrong but this is exactly the strategy that all the worlds leading companies adopt in their marketing so there must be something in it.

I  would love to hear your thoughts on this.