How Was it For You?

coming home to aweberHaving just left GetResponse to return to Aweber, it came as a shock to realise that they did not have their own dedicated survey feature but then in hindsight this actually makes sense and serves as an important marketing lesson to us all. Every business must have a specialism and most businesses fail when they reach too far outside their specialist area.

Aweber is an autoresponder and its specialism is getting your messages to their destination whilst reporting back on how well your email marketing is performing.

There are many suppliers of survey software and whilst the GetResponse survey feature works very well, there is a lot to be said for using a dedicated service, which is what Aweber have chosen to do and I for one have no gripes or concerns about their decision as they are working with specialists in this area.

Of course this means that all those survey you created in GetResponse will have to be either abandoned or re-created in a survey partner of Aweber.

This may sound like a roadblock to your return to Aweber but trust me it is not that difficult or time consuming to reproduce your survey for use by your Aweber subscribers.

So the question of course is dear subscriber, how was it for you?


In the following video I show you how I re-produced my end of follow up sequence questionnaire in a service recommended by Aweber.


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If the video fails to play here, you can watch it onĀ YouTube here

By understanding the needs and issues facing your subscribers you will be able to create content that really sings to their inner conscience and when you achieve this they will be unable to resist your offer.

In the final video in this series, I illustrate how to invite only your fans to follow you over to Aweber.