How to Start Building the Life You Desire

Business Process MapsThe one thing that maybe stopping you from starting online is what to do first.

Do not be ashamed as this is a common fear but the biggest lesson you need to learn is that failure is to be embraced.

Have you ever had an idea that felt good to you?

What did you do with it, did you run with it for a little while; did you test it, or did you like most people put it to the back of your mind and leave it until the right time came along.

There is no right time for your great unproven idea.

The only option you have is to lay it out there for the market to see and let them tell you what they think, the results will quickly determine what your next step should be.

Don’t believe me? Then how do you explain that ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox was stopped from getting to number 1 in the charts by ‘Shaddap Your Face’ by Joe Dolce.

The market will never behave in exactly the way you imagine!

But what is that first step?

I have made a video to explain the first step in testing an idea


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The other lesson is to ensure that you switch your phone from vibrate to silent whilst recording!