How to Start Building the Life You Desire

Business Process MapsThe one thing that maybe stopping you from starting online is what to do first.

Do not be ashamed as this is a common fear but the biggest lesson you need to learn is that failure is to be embraced.

Have you ever had an idea that felt good to you?

What did you do with it, did you run with it for a little while; did you test it, or did you like most people put it to the back of your mind and leave it until the right time came along.

There is no right time for your great unproven idea.

The only option you have is to lay it out there for the market to see and let them tell you what they think, the results will quickly determine what your next step should be.

Don’t believe me? Then how do you explain that ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox was stopped from getting to number 1 in the charts by ‘Shaddap Your Face’ by Joe Dolce.

The market will never behave in exactly the way you imagine!

But what is that first step?

I have made a video to explain the first step in testing an idea


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The other lesson is to ensure that you switch your phone from vibrate to silent whilst recording!


  1. Hi igor, that’s a great lesson mate. i must admit that i haven’t used any ads as yet but can see the benefits of using them, when i get to that stage 😉

    You gave an excellent example of spilt testing our headlines, I may try that in my articles on some of the directories that allow it.

    Excellent video mate, I had a look at my phone when I heard the vibrate 😆 It’s a mistake I’ve made many times igor. I now switch the home phone off and leave my mobile in another room.

    Great work igor, I hope you make the series we spoke of.

    Take care igor

    Respect and Regards,

  2. Hi Igor,

    Well, at least you didn’t answer your phone! I’ve been in meetings where, phones ring and they’re answered! If I was the holder of those meetings .. grr.

    Anyways, great video and very interesting there with what you’ve suggested to do with the ad content – great advice. One might have a great ‘heading’ yet the ad itself was what sent the prospect away.

    Thanks Igor for sharing that.

    1. Mobile phones are a strange prison cell we put ourselves in. I remember standing in a bank queue and the lady in front was about to get served and her phone rang, unfortunately the phone was at the bottom of her bag and she begun to curse the fact that the phone was ringing – why not just switch it off?

      I am testing the theory of the emotional path a little further with next set of tests and hope to have the results soon

  3. Hi Igor,

    This is my first time over at your place but wanted to show my support since I’m also in Barry’s challenge. You did a great job with the video my friend.

    I use to use ads but haven’t in a few years now. I also admit I never split tested them, that was back when I didn’t know any better. I just threw them up and prayed for the best. So I appreciate you sharing that with us. Makes perfect sense. Hope you are having a lot of luck with this type of advertising.

    Again, great video and enjoyed your post. Hope you’re having a great day!


    1. Adrienne thanks for stopping by, I will have to take a look at your video and all of the other contributors later today. It is now 4am after a night shift and I am now split testing whether working before sleep or after is the better option. Podcasting is one of my interests so I look forward to it.

    1. Stuart split testing is one of those marketing essentials that sounds so obvious we mostly fail to actually do it.

      I am now testing the 3 ad titles more carefully with better ad copy and will return with the next instalment once the results are in.

  4. Hi Igor,

    Great little video!

    I have never split test. OMG I have so much to do and so much to learn and try.

    Plus I have never used classified adds. They look like a good way to promote.

    Thank you for the lesson.

    See you back here soon. 😎


    Jacinta 😀

    1. Thanks Jacinta, I nearly never made the video as I assumed that everyone else did split testing and thus did not need to know this.

      I am looking into what I call persistent marketing, those places where you can place your marketing safe in the knowledge that it does not need your daily attention. Classified ads fall into this category, once you have an ad that is working.

  5. Hi Igor, great video just by visiting other peoples blogs on Barry’s Challenge I have already learned so much that I don’t do.


  6. Hi Igor

    I have never used split testing before or placed a classified ad for that matter! I have to admit however that I am keen to learn more about it.

    I found your video very interesting indeed, and it was easy to follow. I would be interested to find out more about this topic Igor, any suggestions?

    Great video mate, and thanks for sharing …

    Take care, catch up soon

    Ian 🙂

    1. I have started the next phase and so will make a video soon. There is plenty of information on how essential and easy it is but little on the practicalities. Just be sure to keep asking yourself ‘how will I know’. If you apply this to every stage you have the right idea. There should be no unknowns in your marketing system

  7. Hi Igor,

    Congratulations on the Video.

    There’s so much more I’ve got to learn (I haven’t split tested any thing yet) but thanks to Barry and people like yourself it’s proving so much easier and quicker than I’d imagined to learn what needs to be done.

    Michelle xxx

  8. Hi Igor, great advice you give here and some really good examples. I don’t know what video package you are using but you might want to find the zoom function as I couldn’t read the titles you were pointing at in some cases, and I expanded my screen. Just a suggestion. Really good video otherwise though. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy the journey.


    1. Thanks Mandy, I have been using Sony Vegas but have now taken the plunge and switched to Camtasia, still not happy with the video clarity but there is a help section on this, so by taking action we overcome our problems.

      Nice video on adding an optin to your blog, Barry really is releasing peoples creativity with his challenge.

  9. Hey Igor,

    Split testing is definately something that people don’t do very often in their business from what I hear from several experts! Thanks for a to the point video explaining the basics of it.

    Easy to apply and I’ll definately be doing this for my new product I’m about to Launch… Thanks for showing me a safe environment I can test it in!


    1. Nick it is often the one simple step that we overlook that is the missing piece in our jigsaw of success, likewise your first video answered one of my current challenges with such a simple solution

  10. Hey Igor,

    Its been a long time! Way too long since I have visited your blog, so my apologize. I have not really split tested too much.

    I have done the odd op tin form or headline. But I will have to look into this a lot more

    Thanks for making the video to helping me and many others to get this task done a whole lot simpler


    1. Hi Craig, the good news is that neither Akismet or myself have forgotten you, great to hear from you again.

      Never assume that just because you know it everyone else does, the joy of life is that our journeys are all unique.

      I am an idle member of the war room, I use a timer to control my activity on the forum and I always seem to run out of time before I get to this private area, however your video came at just the right time as I am busy trying to talk myself out of creating my new guide.

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