How to Make Money at… Not!


I have spent the week working through a report that my new business advisor sent me, part of this was getting in touch with your customer base.

There are many questions related to Internet Marketing and sadly far too many of them  start with ‘How to make money at…’. These are the kind of questions that I used to ask and until recently still did, that was until the most obvious of facts appeared before me.

Chill out on the beachWhen your desire is to become rich whilst you live on the beach, then you will need a couple of things to make this a possibility.

One, you need to offer a range of products or services that are in high demand

Two, you need to have a team to do all the tasks for you.

If you have not guessed, what this amounts to is a business.

Yup, there is no escaping it, if you want to become successful online then you will have to develop a business mindset and create a business that will allow you to reach your ultimate dream life.

This is why I invested in a business coach because I realised although I have run a contracting company for 7 years, I really knew nothing about business principles.

You need to be honest with yourself and be upfront about the areas where you lack knowledge or interest. Many of my friends do their own books and accounts, I could learn this and i have tried but  my brain is just not interested, these are areas that I do not have any passion for and thus these have been outsourced and out tasked.

Time or money are the only 2 currencies you have at your disposal and time is worth far more than money..

I chose to spend money to resolve my lack of business knowledge purely due to the seriousness of the situation. This lack of knowledge was the major reason my business was stuck in a rut and incapable of reaching its full potential.

Do you know what is holding you back?


By the way there is no video today because I failed to adhere to one of the basics of business, more about that in a couple of days