How a Small Difference Can Transform Your Marketing really did not expect it to be this dramatic

On my previous post, Success Comes from Keeping it Simple, I posted a video about why I am no longer going to be using YouTube to host the videos for this blog. If you did read that post then I am sure that you were not impressed.

The loading time for the .mp4 video was 150 seconds, in fact my Blackberry had actually started counting in laps!

Now I know that YouTube uses video compression to reduce the load time and server pressure so perhaps this was a solution but what software to use?

My favourite site to begin the problem solving journey is called, Alternativeto. The process is really simple, you search for the software you are considering and then you see what everyone else thinks of that and what their alternatives are.

This site actually reinforces my doubts about the Facebook business model as well, you see you can use Facebook to login here. However as always the devil is in the detail, if you use this option then you are giving this site permission to access you friends list. If we take a step back for a moment and consider the old world, my concerns will become clear.

If you gave me your phone number and I then passed that onto a salesman, would you be happy at receiving that call and at me, as you know I am the only person that has your number?

I don’t think so, but lets return to Alternativeto

I entered video compression and a software solution called Format Factory appeared, how cool is this I already have this software installed and I know it works really well for converting media, could it sort out my video problem?

Now there is no affiliate link or anything stupid like that, this software is free, I was told about it by Marcus Passey and so it is now time to pass it on.

I already have the problem video, so it is simply a matter of selecting the video and …. well there was no magic button called igors solution to video compression… so I was stumped for a moment.

The video output options are: mobile device, mp4, avi, 3gp, rmvb, gif, wmv, mkv, mpg, vob, mov, flv and finally swf

Now although I create videos I am no software genius so I have no idea about the advantages or purpose for the majority of these file types but there was one that stood out, flv.

As Flowplayer, which was the media player that I had chosen to present my videos to you, used this as their preferred format, this was the obvious choice.

The conversion went smoothly and the video was uploaded using Coreftp

The result

The new version started playing within 6 seconds, which is now present on that previous post.

Success Comes from Keeping it Simple

Thus .flv is the video format that I am going to use from now on.

Is this a wise decision, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.