Holy Cow I Made it

diary_sxc_veralu_web_thumb.jpgWell my friend Marcus Passey is living proof of how Alex can show people how to make things happen for themselves and I nearly missed this opportunity.

Last night I watched the video and I was not sure about the price, after all I have already agreed and paid for some article marketing mentoring with Sean Mize.

However in the cold light of the morning and after a 13 hour night shift, I managed to get into

Alexs last coaching program

there may still be places but you will have to be quick.

The best bit with taking the currency exchange into account I got mentoring from Alex for less than I paid a guru for some dodgy websites!

I am going to be busy, but its going to be in a very nice way.

Plus I now have some progress to mention when I attend the Bristol Seminar in May