Hitting My Marketing Objectives

bullseye-centerpin-web_sxc_jaylopez_thumb.jpgFirstly this is not the title that I wanted to use, I preferred ‘I am no Gardener’ but the top keyword there was marijuana so best avoid that title, guess I am learning that it is always good to do the keyword research first, rather than trying to make the keyword fit the post.

Why was I keen to use ‘I am no Gardener’?

The reason is that my marketing seeds have laid in the ground for ages without doing anything, you prod them (mention them) and add fertiliser (traffic) to the seed, yet nothing happens, stupid seed probably a dud.

Then when your back is turned the first green shoot appears and hooray you are on your way to success.

This has happened to me and I had 2 seeds in the ground.

The first is article marketing, I have written a number of articles, and distributed them liberally around the Internet with a linking resource box to my opt in page. Nothing happened for ages, then last week I got my first subscriber, I am sure there will be more, but proving a system works is the first big step.

The second seed has really flourished, thanks to the fertiliser that is a natural consequence of where I put it. In an earlier post I declared, that I was going into hiding and would not return until a guide was written, well this was done, in fact I wrote 2. One was related to starting an online business and the other on blogging start up.

I have several lists, or rather I had several headings for lists, it cannot be a list if there is no content!

I placed the second guide on a JV event, called the The Ultimate Blogging Event, which as I write is still running, did not really expect much but if you do not try then you are guaranteed to see no benefit.

Well, everyone always said you should create your own product, and this has certainly worked for me after 5 days, this one list has grown from 0 to 15 people.

Now this is the brave new world, in the old days of Ferraris and dancing girls, I would have either not mentioned this figure or lied. Thankfully those times have gone by and we are not afraid to show our learning curve, there in nothing more depressing than seeing all those overnight millionaires that do not let you share in their journey.

I am making progress and the more important point is that I proved that this combination of unique product creation and JV Giveaway events does work.

Unfortunately as I never believed truly, that my Aweber figures would change from all noughts, I never got further than the welcome email. Yesterday was thus spent writing a series of messages, that are hopefully engaging enough to keep my list warm and responsive.

I will let you know how that part works out after a couple of weeks.

Stay focused and believe that your systems will produce results, this will make your life easier and prevent days stuck in front of your computer playing catch up!