Google Throws Back its Cloak

3ghosts_morguefile_ardelfin_webThe great thing about Gmail is that you can have as many accounts as you want but why would you?

Well if you are a Twitter user in multiple areas of interest then you already know that each account needs a unique email address and with Gmail this very easily resolved at no cost to you.

Perhaps you are into Hit Exchanges and Safelists, this is a very dirty form or marketing, I am not talking top shelf, you will quickly accumulate a lot of junk messages in your inbox which is why I would recommend setting up a dedicated Gmail account for this form of marketing.

Now until recently having all of these multiple Gmail accounts was not an issue.

You could have a social media account which also powered a YouTube account, the Hit Exchanges were kept separate and your leverage account was for making the most of other peoples services.

Life was good and well organised.

Enter Google + and it all became rather messy.

Lets return to Google and Internet basics.

The Internet is designed around tracking your activity, it has always needed to know where you came from and where you want to go. At the most basic level, when you leave one site and head for another, the 2 site servers involved need to agree on the resource requirements to best meet your needs. To accomplish this they need to share information regarding your computer, browser and ISP. Of course the destination site would like to ensure your visit is as nice as possible and so it uses a file on your computer to remember some of your preferences.

This file is called a cookie and it is this small boring little file that has got privacy fanatics up in arms.

Now Google is quite open about this, if you use any of its services it will use cookies to store your preferences but once you login to your Google account.they will then track your activity using resource monitoring, which you agreed to in the terms of service.

But what has this got to do with Google+?

Before Google+, it is likely that like me you would check your Gmail,  examine your site stats in Analytics then see how your latest YouTube video was received, these were all perhaps done with unique Gmail accounts and there was no problem as you did not frequently share information between these accounts.

With Google+ and social media the game rules changed.

If that well received YouTube video was posted using a different Gmail account from your + profile then sharing it meant switching accounts. Google plus search does not work properly if you are logged into 2 Google accounts at the same time, I discovered this by accident when trying to share a video.

The solution of course is to have one primary Google account to use for all of your online activity and this is what Google wants. This allows them to track your activity throughout their world without using those pesky cookies that are being legislated against in various parts of the world. In return for this you get a seamless experience which contains pretty much everything the modern Internet marketer needs, from social media and videos through advertising and research to email and blog reading.

But what of Twitter?

Well you can easily forward each of the Twitter Gmail accounts to a label inside your primary Gmail account and thus never have to visit these other accounts.

The world may not be Google’s yet but it is getting pretty close now that Google+ gives us a reason to remain logged into their world