Goofing off for Success

goofy roosterUnless you take time to goof off you may never maximize your opportunities.

Focusing on your goals is the right approach but in doing so, you may never allow yourself some ‘what if time.’

How many times have you taken a break only to spot an easier path to your solution upon your return.

Perhaps you have asked a friend to take a look at your sticking point and they were able to point out the blindingly obvious solution you had overlooked.

Well these are all great reasons to ensure you goof off from time to time

Now the cello is hardly an instrument I have thought about very often however that all changed when David cauldill sent me the video below on Facebook.

I had been feeling rather inspired, focussed and productive before David sent me this video and Ok I will admit it focussed and productive are not normally terms you associate with Facebook. But I seem to remember I did start with a good reason for logging on but as you know that all to soon falls by the wayside once you enter the world of Facebook.

If you have not seen these guys in action, trust me the video really picks up after the first 90 seconds.



Now I loved this video, it helps that its based upon one of my favorite songs, also as I enjoy editing videos this was the spur for me to start goofing off and explore the features YouTube has to offer, I actually wanted to create a video that linked to this content.

One of the possible ways to do this was via the YouTube video editor which allows you to mix and match your own videos with those from their library of creative commons videos, videos that others have given permission to be used in this way.

The trick to making this work is using videos that are related to a single topic and then blended together using transitions.

You can see a short video that I knocked up very quickly that illustrates this, I did want to transition this video to one of the 2Cello’s videos but that is not allowed as they do not feature in the library of videos.


Now of course this video is not very good but that is not the point.

The real power of taking the time to goof off like this is that you can become more aware of the possibilities you have overlooked in a service such as YouTube.

As I said I could not transition to one of the 2Cello’s videos which highlights an important point.

Other people maybe inspired or just love the videos you create such that they want to link to them in a creative way like I wanted to do with 2Cellos.

To allow this to happen is quite simple, you could even outsource the video creation if this is not your strong point.

By creating a couple of great content videos which contain your subtle branding and allowing them to be reused by others via the video editor, you can have others spread your branding and message far and wide without any on going effort from you.

Which leads me to one final thought, what has been your best goofing off discovery?