Gmail – Managing Your Attraction

compurerfrustration_thumb.jpgHi I hope you had a great weekend and to all those in the UK the long weekend may have made it all the sweeter.

Over the weekend I was supposed to be travelling to see a friend, unfortunately they had to cancel at the last minute and so I had a spare weekend to experiment with my video recording software. I have been trialling Camtasia with mixed success but I think I have reached a compromise between recording size ,display size and clarity.

This video will be the proof of the pudding but if you can see what I am upto it will help you to manage your Gmail account.

Now on with the show

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I did manage to find out the difference between messages and conversations, it is really obvious when you think about it.

A message is a note passed to you, it only becomes a conversation when you reply to the message, which is why in the video even though I filtered 4000 conversations, only 241 messages were removed from my inbox, every message from the safelist comes from the same address, which means I must have interacted with this site 241 times!

A way to keep up to date with each marketing sectors news is to subscribe to their leading newsletter then filter this into the sectors parent label. You may have noticed in the video that even though child labels were added with content the parent remain unbolded, thus when the parent goes bold you know you have the latest newsletter to read.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these techniques and this video. I am still getting used to the Camtasia menus but will soon return to adding music and all the other nice bits. Interestingly Camtasia creates massive flv files, twice the size of their mp4 counterparts, this has reversed the findings of my earlier research, the mp4 version is now the one that streams the smoothest for me.

How was is it for you?