Glad to be Working Nights

Mine_enterance_web_sxc_jfryw_inform.jpgWell Last night was the beginning and what a start

Alex said that the webinar would last for about 90 minutes, it actually ran for 120 and then onto the Q&As

The whole thing started at 11pm BST and finished around 5am, so you could say that 6 hours with a top marketer has already earned back the money for the entire course, and this is just the first presentation.

The great thing is that I did not need to go to bed until 7am as I work nights and need to keep my body in the rhythm.

Thus I have already made a start on the planning stage and it is really struggle to think that simply and put it all down.

However here is my tip for the day

Do you have a calendar in your email service?

Get rid of it NOW!

Get an independant calendar/to do list service, your email inbox is the enemy of efficient time working, Alex and many others have stated that you should only go near your emails twice a day.

Which is why you need to keep your to do list separate or you will get distracted.

So what to use?

Well my normal source of inspiration LifeHackeer came up with nothing useful so I turned to, I do not use google to find software as this is an open invitation to viruses.

ZDnet mentioned VueMinder, I have installed it and it is early days (day 1) but it has a host of free features and of course even more online integration for a fee.

If you have any other recommendations or better still comments on this software then I would love to hear them.

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