Giving up a Passion for Profit

Beautiful places for the SuccessfulIf following your passion meant you may never make money, would that be a good business plan?

Look there is no pleasant way to say this.

For me, Linux Opensuse is just not good enough to be used as a primary business platform. Especially now that Microsoft have superseded Windows 8 which was the main driver for my switch in the first place, you can read about that here.

I am writing this with a cup of coffee in Hamad Airport,Doha, waiting for the next leg of my return journey from the MOBE Titanium Mastermind event in Pattaya, Thailand. Many of those there asked how long I had been in Saudi, I arrived in August 2014 and it was just before then, I bought the windows 8 laptop. So you can do the easy maths to figure out how long I have been away from the Windows operating system and in Saudi.

During the event there were several competitions, one of which was to create a video of your time there. I like video making and editing far more than I do being in them.

Having not done any video editing since I switched from Ubuntu through Mint to Opensuse (these are Linux versions), I found to my horror that none of my 5 Opensuse editing options were really up to the job.

It was at this low point that the penny finally dropped.

Opensuse and Linux have become barriers to my business success.

Even though I passionately believe in them and want them to succeed, I have to look after myself first. This means switching back to Windows and paid software that works first time every time.

Businesses exist to make money providing solutions for their customers.

They do not profit by doing solely what they want to do.

So now I have to find somewhere to buy Windows 8 or 10 software. Either on my way back to Saudi Arabia or in the nearest town when I get there.

Neither are ideal options, as any versions I do find on this journey will be tailored to suit the local governmental restrictions.

However as Larry Benet said at the conference, this is where you true connections could be invaluable.

My favorite daft friend is currently back in the UK having recently got married to his beautiful partner. I asked if he could buy me a Windows installation disk but he offered an even better option.

He has a spare Windows desktop computer in his room that I can have for free when he gets back.

Now that I have accepted the necessity of my return to Windows and having been made to calculate how long it has been since I have done any serious marketing, I realized this…

Giving up a passion and returning to focus on pure business has me fired up and raring to go.

So what passion is consuming your time that would be better dropped to release time for your business profit generating activities.