Failing Upwards

despair_sxc_clafouti_notify_webYou are I are told to market with passion then we are told to never market with passion instead we should only market with our calculators, what will bring us the best return for our money regardless of whether we care for it or not, its only the money that counts.

Not for me it doesn’t, if that was all that mattered then I would have become a double glazing or cold caller ages ago and stolen your grans life savings without regret or after thought, that thankfully is not what I am about.

However when you decide to focus on what you are passionate about, or rather focus on helping others from your position of passion which is the better approach to take then you have set yourself up for a life you can be proud of.  Unfortunately social conditioning get in the way of this and thus we limit the release of our passion to ensure we do not offend or upset too many possible clients.

Big mistake

When you are passionate, truly passionate, you will find a way to achieve your goals and along the way you will lose touch with many that you would never have been able to convert to your cause so stop worrying about the majority and focus on those that you can help and are willing you onwards to achieve your dream.

Over the weekend my latest big idea died a death at the hands of a WordPress plugin that I installed but realised I really did not want. The plugin is called Optimisepress and it does what it says but it also does a lot more in the background that adds subtle limitations to what you can do with your posts and pages. The other rub with my big idea is that this incarnation was as a result of bad advice from a former mentor who convinced me that interviews sell, my good friend Dawn Kay pointed out the error of this thinking and thus it was time to convert the site to an optin funnel.

First step, remove Optimisepress, well it disappeared but it also took the menu optionmike_cowles_shorcut_codes from the WP installation with it, the WP installation was now corrupt and could not be trusted. Time to re-install WP which I did but if you are like me, passion only happens once for a project, once its gone no amount of goading will allow it to resurface, especially when the vision has also left the building therefore I abandoned the WP installation and returned to the funnel template I had created using Mike Cowles short code software.

This creates beautiful funnel pages that can be used within a WP page or post via the html view without any fuss or as I have done as stand alone html pages.

I now have a funnel template that I use to create all of my products which means I can focus on the product and not the coding of it, once the product is ready its simple a matter of putting the content into the right areas of the template. As my big idea was already built, it was simply a matter of slotting the gifts into their relevant pages and sending the complete funnel on its merry way to the ether.

My big idea had failed and become a much simple optin offer.

However not all was lost, for over the weekend I have started to read “Think and Get Rich” by Napoleon Hill, this is all about realising your big idea, nice timing!

Well as I start to develop and pad out the 6 steps he recommends, it became clear to me that my big idea was not dead, it would simply be used in another form in the real big idea, Rich Schefren made me visualise last year  but I had failed to move forwards with.

Thus if you want to market in a way that complements your passions then go for it and do not let anything stand in your way, even though the first iteration may fail, if you keep the faith and desire alive the vision that drives your passion will be realised eventually.