Facing Your Fears

Deviantart blackmoons32

Deviantart blackmoons32

You’ll look like an idiot

For this week’s task in the Quick Start Challenge, I had to face that very fear.

I had to record a video with me in front of the camera.

I know no one personally who has been killed for making a bad video, but even that small snippet of reassurance hardly helps to dampen my unease when talking to the lens.

However, this is what I signed up for, to take a challenge and overcome all that Dean and his team throw at me.

It’s not like he is asking me to juggle chainsaws, so recording a video should be easy in comparison!

By the way if you have found your way here via my YouTube channel video “Getting Back on the Camel” then you won’t need to watch this video as it’s the AWS hosted version of the same video.

Anyway here is the video


I hope you liked it and it’s important to remember, making videos does not need to be expensive

To make this video, all I used was the following.

Basic Video EquipmentEssential

  • Video camera, Panasonic HDC-SD90, could use your smartphone,
  • Editing Software, Openshot Video Editor, there are many great free editing suites. Openshot is free on Linux Operating systems.

Nice to have

  • Tripod, could use a shelf, chair or wall.
  • Video Hosting, EasyVideoPlayer, use YouTube
  • Lavalier mic also called a lapel mic, great if you are recording in noisy environments such as outdoors, alternatively record videos in a quiet place

In case you were wondering, yes that is a toilet roll. Sealed at one end, they make a great way to store the lavalier mic and its long wiring.

Because I hate recording videos so much I am going to set my own private challenge.

Each night for as long as it takes to feel likes it’s no big stressor, I am going to record a video every night. None of these will be published, but just the act of repeatedly being in front of the camera and recording each night will hopefully help me to relax when it comes to making videos for publication.

If you have any hints, tips or thoughts on this video, it would be useful to everyone who wants to make videos or like me make better ones!