Facebook and a Little Clarity

facebookI have just returned from my annual holiday with the family and on the drive back to my lodgings I realised a unique point of Facebook that I have missed.

You see I work as a contractor in the aerospace industry with some colourful characters, whose choice of language is very rich and perhaps not for delicate ears. Which is why I have 2 Facebook accounts, one for marketing and one for the colourful characters.

This, due to the design of Facebook is totally unnecessary as your friends may never meet or even know of each others existence, unless you choose to introduce them. Also it is against their rules to have multiple accounts and I am going to resolve this matter promptly, now I have made this realisation.

You are if you already have an account familiar with the largest presence on Facebook called the profile, this is where you and your friends exchange messages, links and photos.

Perhaps like me you felt that there was more to this site and you were just scratching the surface.

Lets go under the surface and see what makes people and large corporations so excited.

But first, lets return to my original problem of  friends that I would like to keep separate.

When you make friends on Facebook, you are provided with a newsfeed that contains the latest updates from all of your friends. In this feed you have the option to comment or give the thumbs up on each update, if you do this something magical occurs.

By taking these actions, you promoted this update and its author to your circle of friends, they may have never have heard of this person, but you have vouched for them and thus the message  has been distributed to your circle. The writer who may know nothing about your friends, played no part in this promotion, this is the viral power of Facebook and this runs right through its design.

Now of course whilst my colourful friends are harvesting their farms, feeding their fish or arguing amongst themselves there is nothing to comment on or like, thus my marketing friends do not know of their existence, unless of course they are already friends with some of  these reprobates.

But chatting and sharing messages has all been done before so why is this site so special?

Enter the other 2 presences:

  1. Groups
  2. Pages

Now my original idea was to create a Group for my contracting friends to hang out in and cause chaos in a secure area away from sensible people, if you doubt that contractors can have such a bad reputation, a quote from my first contracts human resources department should clarify the situation. When asked if the 6 contractors could attend the summer BBQ, their response was ‘…but there’ll be children there…’ I do not know about you, I like children but I could never manage a whole one!

All joking aside this second presence, the Group is where you can create a mastermind or focus area for friends with a shared interest to meet and  exchange ideas and techniques. You can make this Group open to everyone or closed but still visible to all, thus the reputation of all its members can be enhanced through the joint efforts of the group. If action is required quickly, you can send out a call to action to all Group members via the Group mailing system. A team of up to 5000 people all acting at the same time towards a common goal, sounds like a Joint Venture to me.

The key to success on Facebook is your imagination.

The final presence the Page, is where the marketing system really comes alive in all of its glory, remember you still have full access to the viral nature of Facebook, it is just that now you are allowed to openly market and sell to people using the Page features. As an added benefit, Pages are indexed by the search engines and act as no cost unique web pages separate from Facebook, but with all of its original benefits.

Of course you need people to visit your Page, which is why the other 2 and all of your other Internet presences are so important. You use your Profile, your Groups and all your other social media areas to develop your reputation, then use the Page to develop this trust into a form of monetization, whether that be open marketing or list building. The choice is for your organisation to decide.

Did you spot the catch?

Pages are restricted to organisations, however this does not mean corporations, it merely means an established entity that has a message, product or service to offer. As Internet Marketers we fit this bill perfectly.

I am not an Apple mindset fan, I got an app for that….argh!

However this is actually the one thing that I have to admit has provided an Internet mindset change that benefits all of us.

Does writing the code for a Page interest you, would you find this an easy task to achieve?

Well, thanks to the Facebook app library, there are a host of small programs that make basic Page creation reasonably straight forward.

Doing a search for ‘fbml’ in the app library, would be a good place to start.

Using this you can drop an existing opt-in form straight into a page and it will work immediately, I know because I have created such an area...Starting an Online Business

Alright I hope you can appreciate now that there is more to Facebook, than feeding your fish or discussing the beer that you are currently drinking.

All you have to do is fire up your imagination and take action and of course if you want a more in depth guide, I will be offering such a thing to my subscribers in the next few days.