Embrace Failure for Success

Ray of InspirationThe quicker you fail the quicker you will find your path to success

About a year ago I had the idea to create a tutorial site for WordPress which over the next few months morphed into an online business bootcamp, mainly for the reason that there were already many free and paid WordPress training sites.

With this bootcamp, I decided to approach WordPress training from another angle, one where we look at what actually is the point of WordPress.

The point of WordPress is of course to deliver your content and solutions.

However despite many sales page variations and free trials this membership site did not resonate with the market but I persevered.

In fact I was driven onwards by the promise of a promotion by John Thornhill thanks to a bonus for a solution I bought late last year.

However of course the amount of traffic you send to a page is irrelevant if the sales page is not converting.

Deciding to join John’s Partnership to Success program was in part inspired because the deadline for my bonus promotion was running out and of course having been mightily ripped off by previous mentors I still needed guiding towards success by a person who was where I wanted to be.

Now the key to success with a mentor is to put your entire faith in them and do exactly what they say without putting your own failing spin on their advice.

Thus it was time to drop many pending and clearly failing projects.

The reality of this membership site was now clearly in the spotlight, alongside many other domains that were coming up for renewal.

Of course from failure opportunities can be gained with a little imagination.

Rather than allow those domains to go quietly, I decided to do something nice for my subscribers.

They could have these domains for free and as I write this one of them is in the process of being transferred to a subscriber.

As for the bootcamp, well this like the expiring domains has been offered a new lease of life, the sales page has been removed for good and the landing page is now an optin form.

Thus I now have a great optin gift which I can use to build my list and perhaps generate income from the list building funnel which still has to be put into place.

But its not all sunshine.

After all I spent 12 months attempting to make this site work which meant many other projects and ideas were pushed aside in the quest to make this idea work.

Therefore by all means give each of your ideas their best shot but always plan in an exit strategy and a deadline to host a reality check of your project.

If your project is found wanting then do not worry because all is not lost, after all by this time you will have created content, graphics and media that could be repurposed with a little imagination.

Thus out of any apparent failure there is the chance for a new avenue to open if you allow yourself to embrace that failure.


  1. Hi Igor,

    Thank you for sharing with us all about the progress of your project, and it’s most wonderful to hear that you managed to turn the failed project around into a successful product, which no doubt many will appreciate your generosity.

    Your mentioning about putting faith and listening exactly to what a mentor suggest and not deviating is so true, having personally joined quite a few coaching courses and dropping out of them. I have found out that through failing, I learned more about myself, my negative traits, bad habits and greatly appreciate and value being given a second chance. I believe through John Thornhill and P2S course, and as long as we stick to the plan, keep taking action, we will all succeed.


    1. Well hello Sky, thanks for your great comment which certainly rings true. Until we accept that to achieve success we have to grow and develop both in our mindset and in our skillset. omit either and we will miss our desired target.

  2. Hi Igor,

    Great post. I’ve been there myself, so I totally get it.

    On the positive, it goes to show you that if you do create your own product, it is always an asset in one way or another. Whether it becomes a free optin as yours has, a bonus for another offer or even an affiliate offer, or just something to give your list of subscribers as a nice freebie that still markets you.

    And that doesn’t even begin to explore the amount of information you learned by actually setting up the product and marketing it.

    You definitely didn’t fail, you just didn’t hit your target with this one. That’s all. But now you know so much more than most what does and doesn’t always work. BOTH are just as important.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and add my two cents. Cheers!

    1. Well hello Bill, thanks for the encouraging words. As you rightly point out the best way to learn is to do and accepts that our journey is made up of little learning steps which is done consistently add up to something great.

  3. Hey Igor
    This page is inspirational. I have many paid for but discontinued coaching packages which just left me cold. I joined John’s course P2S because I felt I could trust him. I am looking at blogs of other members who are more experienced and I hope to have blogs looking as good as theirs.

    Take Care

    1. Well hello Pauline, great to hear your comments as they are most definitely ones I share. No matter how great the mentor is if their personality and teaching style grates then its best to get a refund and look elsewhere. Like you this is why I chose John because I love his teaching style and of course his personality.

  4. I hear you so loudly with the many projects and domain names! I have so many that I had great ideas for and never got round to using. An exit strategy and deadline is a great idea but for me, getting through the entrance was always an issue. So glad I’m able to stick with the program this time 🙂

    1. Well hello Karen, thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean, taking the first step is the hardest, especially if we are not sure if where we are headed is the right direction. But like you said being consistent in a single direction is the most important path to take, especially when it has already been proven to be successful.

  5. Igor:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences so honestly. We’ve all been there and your attitude is inspiring.

    The idea that your sales page must convert really resonates with me. There is a lot to be said for knowing who your ideal client is and then knowing how to write marketing copy to convert.

    Congrats for taking actions that will propel your business success forward.


    1. Well hello Kim, a project is just that an idea that is not yet completed, in business there are no guarantees so by giving it our best shot and then making the most of what happens is the best we can do. Great to hear from you.

  6. Hi Igor,

    As Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” It was not a failure, it was a learning experience.

    Best wishes,

    1. Well hello Roman thanks for sharing the great quote. You are quite right, if I had not been prepared to allow failure then I would not have attempted anything and thus would have learned nothing.

  7. Hey Igor,

    I agree that without some failures we wouldn’t be where we are now. We only wish everything worked the first time around but that’s just not the way it goes.

    Sounds to me though that everything ended up working out for the best or you definitely made the best of it all.

    Gosh, I can’t tell you how many great ideas I’ve had that were a total flop and thank goodness for that too or I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    I say here’s to the future my friend and may it be a huge success for you.


    1. Well hello Adrienne, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. This site has returned to what my instinct told me it should be but market pressure guided me in an alternative direction. So the lesson is to trust your instinct and go with it despite what others may advise.

  8. Hey igor,

    A very interesting post that drew me in, had to read it to the end. I still have a couple of sites somewhere out in cyber space. Complete wrecks. I have followed a number of ‘mentors’ and these did not work out for me.

    John Thornhill is different from the others. He does seem to care and ask us if we need anything else. I am really pleased I signed up.

    On another note igor, I have not yet changed my photo but I definitely will.

    Take care

    1. Well hello Pauline, great to hear from you. Getting a mentor is reliant as you point out on there being harmony in the teaching and learning styles, thankfully like you I love John’s method of teaching as my addled brain appears to be taking it in. Look forward to the new photo.

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