Email Marketing is Changing are You Ready

email sequenceFor the last couple of years I have been using and recommending a great solution for writing good looking emails however it looks like its days are numbered.

When writing an email its important to make sure it is correctly formatted for the reader and their email client whether that be on their desktop or mobile device.

To start creating your message, you need write the email in plain text prior to submitting to your autoresponder service, this ensures none of that sneaky Microsoft code messes up your delivered email composition.

You could use a normal plain text editor, like notepad but this lacks the one crucial element for great looking email composition.

This is where Text Formatter Plus comes into to the rescue.

I have a full review of this over at my review site here but to summarise.

  • You write in its plain text editor
  • Once you are ready to publish
  • Hit the generate button

and your message is formatted to the preset width, typically around 60 characters wide.

This preset width ensures your message is displayed on desktop email clients just as you wrote it. Now, I have been avoiding using Aweber’s new message system as it felt a lot more hassle to use than the previous editor, especially when you were using Text Formatter Plus.

However when you start delivering to mobile clients, Aweber’s previous editor is not up to the job and when you start to use the Awebers new templates which are mobile responsive, your Text Formatter Plus email composition routine comes unstuck.

As you can see in the image below, when you use the generated text from Text Formatter Plus in the mobile responsive template, the message looks kind of weird, the non latin text is what has been formatted by Text Formatter Plus, notice the strange line spacing.



Now if we try that again but this time use the plain text editor message, as you can see from the next image the text looks far nicer both on your desktop and mobile (which is an actual screen capture from my cell phone.


Mobile Email Message

Thus going forwards,  if you are already using Aweber message templates then I would recommend checking them on your cell phone as according to Awebers article here, earlier versions of their templates are not mobile responsive.

Another benefit of this new approach to writing my emails is that I have found another use for Evernote. I now write the majority of my blog compositions using this as it means whatever happens on site, I still have the draft posts.

Sadly this means for Text Formatter Plus it looks like its time has passed for those using mobile responsive templates. But as you know nothing ever stands still for long in marketing and technology.