Ebook Writing Like a Maniac

Cookie-mouse-web_sxc_fareguedes_thumb.jpgLike me, you perhaps have many guides on how to create unique and in demand products.

A further development in this trend is rapid product creation and this is what I have been trying to do for nearly the last 3 hours, the problem with this method is that all the advice often starts with pick a niche, well what niche?

I found that I was drawn to Clickbank and started looking at products there, which is fine for later on but first you have to find your niche, you are not trying to become an affiliate, your goal is to create your own unique product.

A lot the product creation processes I own have been mind mapped into stages and in one of them, there is a tip about using the search engine Bing.com. This allowed me to break through the niche stumbling block.

Head over to the site and simply enter the letter ‘a’, nothing else just this letter. Do any of the results in the drop down box give you an idea for a product that solves a problem? If not, then move onto the next letter, taking notes of all the results that spark your imagination, I ended up with 8.

Before you go any further, create a folder on your desktop, you don’t know what the niche is going to be yet, so call it ‘niche research’ or something equally relevant.

Once this is done you need to confirm that at least one of your collection is a good idea to pursue, I recommend you do this with a keyword tool.

If you know anything about any of the entries in your collection, go with this one first, as you are a walking talking testimonial to the solution, you will still need to verify that it is in demand though.

I use the Google keyword tool, a word of caution about this one; do not use the beta version as it does not allow you to download your keywords into a text file. It does allow you to download into many formats but even with the xml option, you will be confronted with a mass of data that includes your keywords, this is not what you want.

Enter each of your ideas and look for results that have local traffic of less than 22,000 and that are asking a question, you are going to give these people the answers. I suggested using the old keyword tool as you do not need to worry about the numbers after you have downloaded the text file, they have already passed your filtering criteria, so why do you need to keep worrying about the numbers?

Don’t forget to save the text file into your niche folder.

Hooray so you now have a niche and a host of key-phrases that are being looked for, do you have the answer to these questions, if so great, get writing and produce that product. However if you don’t, let’s get those answers.

You know what your niche is and if there are people asking questions about it then there are most likely a number of forums regarding this topic thus do a Google search for forums.

Look for forums that are ranked highly on Alexa, if you do not have the Alexa add-on for your browser I highly recommend it.

Once in your first forum, the beauty of the modern browser comes into play, multi-tabbing. This a fantastic feature that will allow you to get your products content collected in a matter of minutes. I use Chrome and Firefox, they both allow you to open links into new tabs.

Have you guessed what we are going to do with this feature?

Look for threads related to your niche where people are asking the questions you found before and of course keep an open mind for any new questions. Once you find these, open each one into a new tab and keep going until you run out of threads or you get bored, with multi-tabbing you can have a ridiculous number of tabs open, the most I have done is 47! ( The maximum for Chrome is 60 and Firefox is unlimited).

Now, visit each tab, copy the question into a text file then starting with the most recent comment work through the thread looking for solutions, do not go too far back, keep it to the last 6 months at most. Do this with each tab and soon you will have enough questions and answers to create your product.

Unfortunately, as I am behaving myself today, this is as far as I got with this, I have my subject and a text file full of information. This post was supposed to be written yesterday but that day was spent battling with Open Offices’ base application, I won in the end, Pimms and lemonade did the trick, after a can of this I had a brain-wave and sorted the problem in quick time.

So, yes you can create products in very quick time, you just need a little confidence and patience to allow the system to flourish over 2 or 3 products, after which you will be rattling off products in next to no time.

Good luck and remember nothing happens without action, even if your first product fails to sell. You now have a marketing model to improve, which of course you did not have before you took action.