Eating Successfully

toast_oldbookillustrationsOne of my favourite films is called ‘Planes Trains and Automobiles’ and the reason for this is that it deals with human interaction and how when we remove our personal barriers we can engage with others whilst sharing our passions and enjoying their company.

Now living in Norfolk at the moment and last Friday deciding to travel to London for  Martin Avis’s London Lunch, I was faced with a journey comprising both train and automobile, I did look at the plane prices but these ran into several hundreds of dollars, so trains and automobiles it was.

If you have never been to a meetup before then I recommend that you do, as they are where business partnerships are created and cemented.

The journey took 3 hours each way and I had to leave the event after 7 hours due to the complexity of my return journey however I left with many new friendships created and with personal insights into success from marketers who are living proof of what they preach.

The one big take away from the day is that you need to make your marketing as simple as possible, not the coded to the max with API linked multi-level processes that rely on all cogs working in perfect synchronicity.

Christine Clayfield was the guest that I wanted to speak with as I had purchased her eBook, From Newbie to Millionaire, which recounts her path from marketing distress to success and and when she plonked herself by our group, she begun to reveal many more keys to success. which enhanced the process she describes in her book.

Of course, if you have ever been a student attending a lecture then you will know the problem of taking notes whilst trying to hear what is being said which was where the friend network came in. By the time I arrived home, I had in my email inbox summary notes from other marketers who were lucky enough to listen to Christine and over the weekend we compared notes and completed the enhanced picture of her process.

This is the point of the meetup, having a group of friends who understand what you are striving for and are prepared to help each other to make their goals a reality.