Don’t Tell Mum!

angy_lady_dreamstime_webWhen you were younger I am sure like me, you had some very, very great nights out with your friends but in the morning, even if you could remember what you got up to or where that bruise came from on your neck. I am sure like me you never really discussed last nights activities with your mum.

I am Scottish and I have never had to ask a lady for a date, I am certainly no George Clooney but there is no need with Scottish girls, if they want you, they will let you know!

But as I can feel my mums glare, lets get back on topic.

One of the many golden rules in life is quite simple.

If you cannot tell your mum or your family then you should not be doing it, or at least keep your crazy girlfriend away from your mum.

Internet marketing is no different and yes there are plenty of people you would not introduce to your family but this week especially I been wrestling with this rule.

In July this year, I wrote a post called, Success Comes from Keeping it Simple, in which I announced that despite my 2 mentors recommendations I was going to leave Aweber and return to the place where I first made money online.

List death, time to start building again, you will lose a percentage when you make the switch.

However the reason I made money was not because of this service but because of promoting this service, in fact I am still receiving this income but making money using a service is massively different from making money promoting that service.

If you are making money and using the service then it’s all good, right?

Yup, that is exactly what you should be doing.

However after a chat with one of my subscribers and trying to resolve her problem I realised the limitations of this service. I could re-order the training but the tracking had to be manually adjusted which meant a massive overhaul of the system.writingweb

I was now faced with the possibility of entering the realm of the failing Internet marketer by spending time undertaking this massive overhaul which of course would mean re-building rather than moving forwards.

Not for me, I am tired of tweaking systems, so I chose a system that is working for others.

I am now a GetResponse user, with one very loyal subscriber, yes that is 1!

But what of the recurring income?

Kids, avert you eyes, there goes my moral fibre!

Thankfully not, when I started online, I promised myself I would never become the digital equivalent of the double glazing salesman, selling unwanted products to unsuspecting customers.

So as we speak I have now 1 subscriber, who is very loyal and I no longer have my recurring income, although it wasn’t going to pay for anything more than the ice cream for the marketers life on the beach.

However I have built lists several times in my indecisive past and thus know I can do it again but essentially I can continue to market with my  kids being proud of what I am trying to achieve.

So how proud is your family of what you are trying to achieve?

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