Discounting Our Value


With so many great people to listen to and so much to learn where do you fit in?

Are you keeping quiet for fear of upsetting the flock you are hiding within or have you yet to figure out your message.

I came across this fantastic gem of advice on the Facebook Page of Chris Cardell, a British business advisor who has truly followed the stereotypical story of going from bankruptcy to great success whilst taking many of those that acted upon his advice with him.

“To be a business success, you need to be a personality and you need to sell yourself.
At the very least, have a real character.”

Ol Warburton

This is the same problem that Brendan Burchard alludes to during his training videos, all too often we discount our own value because we are small in our own minds.

As Brendon reminds us, never let your perceived lack of success make you think in a small minded way.

After all, what happened to that great post you were considered writing?

Did it get shelved because you thought no one would benefit from your advice or that no one would listen?

Well as Mr Warburton’s quote indicates, you have to forget about failure and only see activities as either successes or learning experiences. The only possible failure is endless procrastination and trust me I am berating you as much as I am myself.

Forget about meeting other people’s metrics, this short post betrays what many see as the minimum length for a post, do what you believe and do it in your best possible style.