Creating Your Mastermind Group

friends-web_sxc_andreyutzuHaving just completed my first read through of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I am now ready to start putting his recommendations into practise of course at over 200 pages there is a lot of information to consider.

One of the most intimidating is the construction of a mastermind group.

He actually recommends that you construct 2 groups, you may already if you are like me have the foundations for one of them. Talking to yourself is supposed to be the first sign of madness but actually I hope it is really the first sign of greatness, as I talk to myself a lot!

By talking to yourself you are communicating with your sub-conscious and exploring together the issues that are standing in your way, this is the start of the virtual mastermind group that worked so well for Napoleon Hill. His mastermind group consisted of Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Thomas Paine, Luther Burbank, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ralph Emerson and Andrew Carnegie, they all expressed their opinions in relation to the area of business in which their natural strength related.

If you could get such a powerful collective together then you would have to be either amazingly inept or supremely stubborn not to achieve your goals. This mastermind group never physically existed but by taking the time to understand what drove each of them to success, Napoleon could invite them into his subconscious to examine the roadblocks to his success.

This is why so many people emphasise that successful people are readers, by allowing great people to communicate with your sub-conscious you are allowing them to examine the road blocks to your success, after all the only question you need answered is, ‘how would they approach this problem’.

For the real mastermind group, you need to constantly listen to the signals around you but only once you have made your mind up what it is you wish to achieve. This has the same effect as buying a new car, its only then do you realise just how many of them there are on the roads.

Once you know what you are trying to achieve, the noise around you will reduce and it will become ever clearer just what others have been trying to tell you.

With this clarity of thought, you can begin to understand who you need to get closer to and begin developing reasons for them to work with you. One of my favourite videos related to this is where Mark Knopfler and  Chet Atkins play together, this could never have happened until Mark had taken action to merit the attention of Chet.

With a clear goal, you will know what actions you need to take, even if sometimes the route takes you off the expected path, have faith in your goal, it will become a reality and you can work with whoever you desire.

This is also the reason why I have Richard Branson cajoling me at every turn to just get on and complete the membership site I stared over a year ago, whether its images on Facebook or sites visited, his message of having faith and just doing it is appearing everywhere I look.

Who would be in your sub-conscious mastermind group?