Creating an Article Marketing Promotion Machine



A common piece of advice in business is get one thing working before you move onto the next thing.

As Internet Marketers you have probably heard this and many of the people who are still hunting their next shiny object will have heard this as well. so why do we not do it?

Perhaps it is just too hard to ignore all of the hype and emails that flood you inbox and screen when you move around the Internet

Unfortunately unless you learn to switch off to the noise online and focus on just one specialism at first, you will never make progress online. With this first choice, your goal should be to prove one way or another whether it is for you, if it is then great, you have your first marketing technique that you can excel at. However if you just do not get it and you really hate the thought of doing this repeatedly then move onto the next technique and never try this again.

With this in mind, I have started to focus on writing articles and I originally took ages over each one. Clearly if I wanted to get more articles out there I had 2 options, get a system or get a team of writers to do it for me.

I prefer the first option, as your articles will truly reflect your personality. There is nothing more embarrassing than when you get praised for something and you cannot even remember what they are talking about. Each article you write may not have been written with the same passion as your first, but they are your articles and you created them.

So you need a system to speed up the process

Well here is my system

Start with the problem, either do an advanced Google search for ‘problems with….’ ieĀ  problems with article writing, always do an advance search as you can specify only results from the past month or year.

Pick one result and from this extract the suggested solution and the authors benefits of using their solution. However most writing fails at this part as they never really discuss the benefits of their solution, thus this is where your imagination gets to have a play.

What are the possible benefits of using this solution?

Once you have 4 benefits, you have enough material to write a 500 word article.

Keywords are key to appearing online and you will need at least 5 of these, one for each benefit and another for the title. I use the the Google keywords tool and aim for US results of between twenty to eighty thousand, this means you are focused but not too closely, such that you shut out part of your market. These numbers will vary depending upon the searches and keywords you are looking for do not get obsesses with hard and fast rules, use your common sense.

Always write your articles in reverse, start with a section for each of the 4 benefits and try to start the first paragraph with the keyword in a way that make sense. Once you have written sections on all of the benefits of using this solution and edited the paragraph transition such that they flow naturally, you are ready to move onto the next stage.

You will need to set the mood of the reader for what is to be covered in the article which is where the introduction comes into play, this section should complete the sale. You may not be selling your article and I recommend that you don’t, but you are trading information for time and you need to market the benefits of reading this article in the introduction.

The article directories like to have an article summary, do not be tempted to just cut and paste your introductory paragraph for this. This area is where you hint at the benefits that will be gained from reading the whole article, get their interest and encourage them to read the rest.

Finally do you have a related offer that you would like to promote? If you do then write a linking paragraph for the authors resource box. It must be related, because if you have been talking about life on the African savanna in your article and you then then try to send your readers to a page related to life on board a nuclear submarine, I am sure most people will just dismiss this as a irrelevant link that deserves to be ignored.

Once you have all of the sections completed, edit every section until it reads well and there are no obvious contradictions, and then do a word count and spell check.

I always manually submit my article to first for their approval. If it is good enough for ezine then it should be good enough for the rest of the market. This will prevent you from spreading a glaring error or omission to a multitude of sites which will help to maintain your reputation for only providing valuable content.

And that is the system, I would love to hear your comments on it as this system is working for me.