Cor blimey Guv’nor look Whatcha Gone ‘n’ Done

victorian-children.jpgFirst thing, as I am Scottish I do not know where or how the phrase from Dick Van Dyke and  Disney’s London got stuck in my head. But it refused to budge and after a while it made sense as a title for this post.

My first was on emails,

my second was on blogs and

my third is going to be on Facebook.

What am I talking about?

These were the first 2 guides that I wrote and the third which is currently under construction will be based upon Chris Ferrells webinar.

Why was the title appropriate?

It would appear that I created a brand with my eBook covers

Perhaps the post should have been called, “The Accidental Businessman”

If you have not read these guides then I of course recommend that you do. This is not least because the first contains 4 years of learning and experience, during which I finally realised what the core of an online business should be.

My brand name of course is igor Griffiths, and I know the i is not capitalised, that is a personal thing. I do not like the look of Igor, but then again if you have seen my profile picture, you may have already come to the same conclusion. Getting a decent photo is now definitely on my to do list.

The business now has a training series branded as ‘Starting an Online Business – Do it Right Do it Once’, which obviously has massive scope for material and cross media exposure.

The first guide was part of my social media suicide plan. I declared that I was not going back online until I had a plan in place and, I would be back with a product! If you read the post Living on an Island you can sense just how hacked off I was at that point. In a way I guess I was hoping to disappear as creating an eBook was an impossible idea.

Things however, always look better in the morning and if you are like me, a generally positive type of person, knock backs may hurt, but you use them as energy to drive you forwards.

Thus I started on my plan and arranged all of my key targets into order and scheduled a plan. With that done I had to make a start on the guide and its topic.

Something that would benefit most online beginners would be a good place to start and thus the idea for the first eBook was born.

It took about 2 weeks to write and publish the ebook. The content was fairly straight forward as it was all there, kicking its heels in various parts of my brain, just waiting for the call to action.

Taking action is a great way to learn the practicalities on a subject like writing. I now had the content and I needed a cover to finish it off. people had told me that I needed a graphic artist and now I had the reason to get one. I landed really lucky with this, as the person I found I am really happy with.

Thus the book was all done and it was released, it is now my first real free gift for all those that subscribe

As part of the learning curve, I know I could have done more pre launch stuff and got more promotion, but the key thing here was to keep my promise to my blog readers and get back online. I said I would not return until I had a eBook for them and I kind of kept that promise.

Take a look at Siobhan Irles blog can you guess who wrote that?

Staying offline is harder than it looks!

Of course now that I was back on line, I realised I could use this eBook for JV Giveaway events as it was my own product.

I signed up for the Ultimate Blogging Giveaway event and went to submit my guide when I realised that they were actually sticking to their guns about the topic of the gifts. This was refreshingly honest an event that only accepted gifts targeted to its theme.

Initially my heart sank. I was not going to promote any more knocked off PLR articles and, writing a guide on blogging would take too long. It was at this point that I remembered, my first guide had a bonus section about blogging, you get this if you opt-in on this page.

Right back in business, quick rewrite to make it a stand alone product , get my graphics genius to alter the cover and job done, one new guide in the bag.

With the need for speed and cost limitations as my primary drivers, I had accidentally created a brand for myself. Which as I have said,  has unlimited scope for content and all done without any real planning.

Which unfortunately is the igor way.