Cookies No Ta, I’m Stuffed!

Cookie-mouse-web_sxc_fareguedesThe ‘deeply concerned’ brigade that drive legislators of the world have managed to convince those in the EU that we need to be protected from website user preference data files, also commonly known as cookies.

If you look in the bottom left hand of this site you will notice a small orange corner tab with the letter C in it, in fact you will most likely have been seen the pop up Cookie Control warning. This is my response to the new cookie law now active throughout the EU, although I am sure the French will ignore this law just as they have done with most of the other stupid laws implemented at the request of the ‘deeply concerned’ brigade.

I am curious to know what you think of having this kind of warning on the site, does it inform you about the use of cookies or does it make you nervous about using the site?

To make it clear, I do not and have never intentionally used cookie data for anything other than what they were intended for, in fact the content of these files is mere gibberish to me.

This law is pretty much a hammer to crack a nut.

If you use the attacat cookie control plugin and take a look at your sites report. I am sure like me you will not be surprised to see that Facebook, if you have it on your site, is seen as a high risk privacy threat. This is because they engage highly in the practise of retargeting which is where your previous online activity is used to determine your future exposure to advertisements on other sites.

Having talked with non marketers, retargeting is a tactic that they particularly hate and to make matters worse they actually understand the basics of how it works which means if your site is at the start of the retargeting then these people may blacklist your site and of course the deeply concerned will put in a complaint.

Cookies are a great way to smooth your online experience.

If you want to experience a life without cookies then before you close your browser at the end of the day, go into your settings and clear all of your browsing data, for most sites it will not make a difference but for sites that are heavily personalised such as Facebook or other membership sites, expect a lot of repetition each time you visit.

The jury is still out on cookie management but until then I am going to play it safe but that of course means I maybe making your nervous, did I?