Comment Luv Premium a Worthy Investment

The CommentLuv Plugin I spent far too long dithering over whether to get this plugin or not as I already used the free version and could not see the benefit in paying just to combine a number of plugins. If there was a site load benefit then I would be interested but when Andy highlighted all of the other features I was sold and knew I had to get this plugin.

I do not regret making that decision

But what of the speed, did that improve?

I was  unable to measure the difference in load time fairly due to there being far too many factors that influence this. I do not have a private and dedicated Internet connection in my town for just my use thus other residents in this house street and across the world will all play a factor in that timing.

When you install this it will look for plugins that it is replacing and prompt you to remove these first, I had to remove Comment Luv, GASP and Twitter Link comments. In all you are getting 8 plugins in total, all interlinked intelligently which will ensure they all work with you rather than against.

On the Setting page there are dedicated settings pages for the most obvious features, Comment Luv; Twitter Link; GASP and Keyword Name. 3 others are built into these options of these setting pages which just leaves Top Commentators which is controlled via its Widget settings.

If you are worried about breaking your blog, rest easy as Andy has included a reset button on each page.

The actual settings pages are well explained and laid out. The Luv settings page goes into detail about who gets Do Follow love from your site and why, I recommend you add your personality into these messages to help make their visit to your blog that bit more unique.

One feature you should not overlook on this page is the Info Panel, this will become ever more important as Google’s author tag structure matures, with this area you can promote yourself on the sites you have left comments on. For this to work you will of course have to leave really compelling comments that make people want to know more about you but as this is what you should be doing anyway then that should not add any extra work into your blog commentating routine.

Twitter Link provides plenty of options when it comes to the layout of the Twitter link.

GASP complements rather than replaces Akismet but in here you get to choose some pretty sophisticated spam prevention techniques from number of comment URL’s to validation of ¬†Trackback addresses. These are all presented in a manner that does not make your visitor feel like they are trying to enter Fort Knox.

Keyword Name allows commentators to gain more exposure for their target keywords as long as they play by your rules. The main one being that they must have previous approved comments, the number of which you can determine, I have mine set at 3 and will not approve comments if someone is comment storming as that is not natural.

Comment storming, leaving multiple short and useless comments on a number of your posts within seconds of each other.

Top commentators Widget is another way to reward people for leaving comments as they get featured in your sidebar with an image and link back to their site. An interesting use for this could be during events such as blog comment challenges, as you can set the count start and duration timings thus you could actually set this as a commenting treasure hunt if you have several blogs.

Ultimately to get the most out of Comment Luv Premium you will need to experiment with it and allow your imagination to run free amongst the settings bur first you need to secure your own copy of this fantastic plugin by clicking the image below.

The CommentLuv Plugin