Coming Home to Aweber

coming home to aweber igor griffithsI left Aweber in 2011 primarily because I had a TrafficWave account that was generating a steady income for me and I wanted to ramp that income upwards however when it came time to ramping up my marketing that autoresponder was found to be lacking. Over the next few months I tried many autoresponders but all of these were either lacking in features or had development issues that meant it was not a good service at that time.

Eventually I settled upon GetResponse and I thought I had found the end of my autoresponder wandering, after all it even used the same form generator software as Aweber.

However there was something niggling me about their service and it was not until I returned to update the Facebook page I had abandoned some time ago that one of niggles became apparent, they did offer a solution but it was less than perfect and smelled more of fudge than a good marketing practice, yes I love html code but not that much.

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If the video fails to play here, you can watch it on YouTube here

In the next video I will explain how to manage those beautiful html messages you have created that are too good to leave behind.