Closed for Stock taking

road-closed-sign-web_sxc_ljleavellAs you progress in your life, the importance radar swings in many different directions which has the effect of bringing into your life a whole load of clutter, much of which we are too nervous to throw away – just in case.

In your business exactly the same occurs.

Each and every day, like me you will be receiving potential new opportunities, hopefully like me you have clarified your point of focus. By doing so, you can instantly dismiss most of these opportunities without consideration, as they do not relate to your goals or intended path.

This however leaves the ones which are not so clear cut which you keep just in case.

Overtime unless you are brave and take the hatchet to this clutter, your real opportunities will soon become smothered by all this indecision until you begin to lose sight and faith in your goal and your intended path.

At a time like this, it makes sense to close up shop for a little stocktaking.

Over the weekend, I found myself in just such a situation.

I realized my business browser with all its brimming folders was reducing my progress to a snails pace and introducing that enemy of progress, indecision into my daily activity.

I knew there were some great opportunities within these folders but what of all the others, perhaps they would be better for my current situation?

Until you make a decision in life, regardless of what others think, you will never be able to make progress along the path you desire to take.

Thus I deleted many of these folders and culled many bookmarks from others.

Slowly clarity of thought began to return and as this returned I noticed the post-it note I have on the side of my main monitor, It really boils down what business is all about and comes from my mentor Sterling Valentine.


  • AttractionCaptureMontization-Postit-webAttraction as you know is all about getting people to notice your world and all that you have to offer.

This is where we should all be focusing our daily efforts, after all if our world has no visitors then regardless of how good a sales person you are or how effective that sales funnel is both will go to waste.
Yet this is where the human mind falls prey to its own quest for stimulation and destroys your potential.

There are certain activities you were put on this planet to do, these are your passions which will come naturally to you and you will feel alive as you do them. These marketing passions should form the core of your attraction strategies, other highly recommended activities may be effective but will make your will to live fade rapidly.

The trick of course is to ensure these core activities are good for your goals, a good post on how to check this is located here and provided by Adrienne Smith.

However you have spotted the problem here.

If you live in your own little world with your core activities then quite soon you will become obsolete and irrelevant. This is where clarity of focus and potential opportunities come together in sweet harmony, by knowing what you love to do and are prepared to do, you will attract new opportunities into your life that fit both these criteria.

I can see that bookmark collection filling up again!

This is where you need to be disciplined and methodical just like Adrienne.

Introduce one new tactic at a time and let it prove its worth against your core strategies, if it beats one of them then swap them around, remember you can only do so much in a day to move towards your goals.


  • Capture is getting these visitors to take a particular action

Often this reduces down to creating an optin page that works and is left to do its thing. However by taking stock of your business elements and becoming far more statistically focused, you can make those neglected forms fulfill their true potential.

Every optin page you create should have 2 versions, a font color change is sufficient, that are constantly being tested by your leads and providing you data to determine which changes are working.

This is quite simple to do, despite what you may have been told elsewhere.

Google like to keep things simple as well which suits us just fine and they have brought a proven solution into their Analytics family of tools. With Content Experiments, you can constantly split-test each page in your funnel against its competitor, the winner becoming the seed for the next experiment.

The key here is not to stress about what to test, just go with that captures your eye on the page first, then work through each element, recording your findings as you go.

Rinse and repeat and see your conversion move every skywards.


  • Monetization is the process of giving them opportunities to spend money with you.

This is the fun bit, relax and enjoy the journey, remember you are dealing with people not a subscriber count or a speck on a chart. Put yourself in their shoes and engage with them as you would think appropriate.

The best customer is the one that feels relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

Thus behave as you would like to be treated, keep the conversation relaxed, fill it with interesting information and mention relevant solutions that you recommend with respect to your current topic of conversation.

I still have much more stock taking to do in my business but by being prepared to declare a point of no return and making a decision to strike out in a definite direction forsaking all that has been holding you back I will be able to see the true opportunities that have always been there.

Do you have a clear view and vision of the path you wish to travel?