Call to Arms Warrior in Trouble

mastermind communityHi all,  I hope you have had a great weekend.

Having just dropped into the Warrior forum I noticed a thread called Attention Warriors: Urgent

Intrigued I read on

A fellow marketer called Kenneth Strong has just been confirmed as having a return of melanoma which he though he had beaten previously, to make matters worse it has invaded his lymph node.

Now this is not one of those sick Facebook scams this is the real deal, take a look at the thread to see the social proof if you are dubious, Ken has been very active on the forum and has many friends looking for ways to help him.

How can you help

Read the thread Attention Warriors: Urgent and either contribute to the WSO or buy it when it is ready, either way if you have the means to help please do.

More information can be found on his blog via the link below

If you can help in anyway please do, even the posting of a comment in the thread to let him know the community are there to help others will I am sure bring some comfort.


igor Griffiths