Building Upon Your Success

This Solution is not for youIt is always a good idea to work with what is proven to work however you and me are unique, therefore what works for you may not work for me, although I am glad that you shared with me and many others what is working for you.

There is in any attraction strategy a mysterious ingredient X, that means although you and I may market in the same way to the same audience at the same time, it is a certaintity that our results will be different. How we present ourselves to our audience is one part of ingredient X, the rest is a beautiful mystery that we may never fully understand.

However through continuously testing new ideas and strategies we can find an audience that works for us, even if others have failed before and after us to make any headway with this source.

Every week I track where my traffic comes from on this site and all others that I manage, unfortunately this is recorded in a spreadsheet that only sees the light of day each Sunday thus all this data is not being exploited as well as it could be. Therefore I have now added all of my sites onto my business blueprint, if you do not know what that is then the video below will explain this.


The business dashboard is where everything ‘should be’ linked from, its not perfect yet but is getting better with each passing day and now when I open Xmind to start my daily routine, I have the traffic sources that are working for each of my sites on the dashboard.

Rather than continuing to notify the syndication sites that care little, if at all, about your content, you can now build upon your success and develop relationships on sites that appreciate your efforts and are sending visitors your way.

What is working for you at the moment?