Brighten Their Day

broken mirror does not mean a bad day

Do not worry about the mirror as it is only a piece of glass and does not mean I will suffer seven years of misfortune however if you get the use of images incorrect online then you may suffer misfortune.

All images have some level of copyright, whether this is using them in anyway other than selling them on right up to having to pay a fee for their use.

If you use images in your productions it is important that you understand the rights of use for each and every image you have obtained and intend to use, this can quickly become very confusing if you do not have a system for this.

In the video I explain and illustrate the methods I use to manage my media collection

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I hope you liked the system I presented, whether you choose to follow my advice or develop a process of your own it is important that it is as simple as possible. If the system does not match your personality or tastes it will quickly fall by the wayside and you may receive a take down notice from the media owner which is not a nice experience.

Of course you may have your own way of managing your media and it would be great to hear about it, so we can help as many people as possible to enjoy clear conscience image use.