The Best Way to Learn

Copyright Linda Polik, Flickr

Copyright Linda Polik, Flickr

The answers are out there waiting for your questions!

and for me finally the crippling headache has passed.

Having spent the last few weeks preparing as best I could for a move to a new position in Saudi Arabia, I had asked all the questions I knew to ask and sourced solutions as required.

However as your mentor will have told you, its not until you take action that you really start to learn and the questions you should have asked reveal themselves.

That of course is the beauty of taking action, it’s the best way to learn.

Having arrived in Saudi Arabia, feeling great as all had gone to plan and with the first day to recover, I started to make plans for catching up on the P2S training however my body had other ideas.

After a couple of days without issue, I awoke with the worst headache I have ever experienced and that’s without having alchohol as an excuse.

This was point where the questions I should have asked begun to reveal themselves.

Thanks to several Google probes, the reason for my headache became clear.

It turns out that having what feels like the hangover from hell is a common but thankfully mild symptom of altitude sickness.

Now I know you may think 6000ft is not particularly high.

For me however having lived all my life at and around sea level the consequences of this rapid increase in altitude combined with the rapid decrease in humidity from 60 to 20% meant my body was being attacked from all angles.

And of course this was not a scenario I had even stopped to consider because no one had mentioned any possible issues with this altitude or humidity, in fact they considered this low humidity to be a bonus!

Thus I had no reason to explore this path of questioning.

And this is why its so important to take action and appreciate that your first results are unlikely to be as good as you had hoped.

Because of course you cannot plan for the unknown.

Which is why I love Harv T Eker’s phrase, “Ready, fire, aim!”

Prepare as best you can, take action and then adjust based upon your own results, for you and I are unique and I am sure you will have coped differently to me upon landing in this amazing country.