Be Grateful for What You Have

Be grateful for what you haveHave you ever stopped to consider what you do have rather than the easy, what you lack?

I live in Saudi Arabia which is a very conservative country where what you take for granted in the western world is for the most part forbidden.

The one thing I miss most is the cafe culture, the ability to sit, drink and chat with friends. Of course, my location in the middle of nowhere does not help but even in the built up locations, there is still not a cafe culture.

I am writing this after having an evening in Varna, Bulgaria.

I made sure I found a bar where I could buy a single beer and enjoy it sitting outside. You can see the video I recorded whilst I was there below.


The point of the video may have been lost in my nervousness whilst recording it.

To summarize

You will not appreciate what you have because you have nothing to compare it to.

The daily adverts show you starving children in Africa, the dying in Syria and various pets that have been maltreated. However for most of us, thankfully these images are so far from our reality that we cannot relate to these messages although we do appreciate they are not correct.

Therefore if you are not doing it and I am guilty of this. Maintain a daily journal where you record amongst other thoughts a section relating what you are grateful for. I have teenage kids so one of my regular entries is I am grateful my kids are asking me for cash for meaningful things!

Once you start to do this you will soon appreciate where your line in the sand is, what you are not prepared to sacrifice for any supposed opportunity.

I took my freedom for granted and it is only after a couple of years here and a few trips back to the cafe culture that I appreciate where my line in the sand is.

You are unique and you are also identical to so many other people.

Keep a daily journal to record your unique priorities whilst also taking note of those ideas you share with other people.

If you follow my advice in this post, you will soon start to appreciate what you do have and forget to focus on what you lack.

This is an abundant way of thinking which is a great and positive way to think.

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