Barry Wells Keeping it Simple

barry wellsThe best part of running a business is the freedom to try things in your own style and not have to keep doing things that do not work out the way you expected them.

I did say that I was going to create a video blog each week but really you do not want me prattling on each week about some topic or other, thus I have drawn a line under this and will create videos where appropriate.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, now Barry Wells paints a pretty clear image with his words but I thought that this might help you put into perspective the business planning method he described on this post.

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This is actually the plan that I am working with at the moment, I did really enjoy the process of repurposing content up until Christmas last year, then because of a change in circumstances I stopped and never got back into it. This was partly down to the misinformation that article marketing is dead.

Here is my take on this

Non marketers are Google’s prime customers

Google exists to direct these people to their desired information

We as marketers, are Google’s suppliers and we have a duty to provide a quality product for them to use.

The latest change in the terms of our contract with Google was down to the fact that far too many of us had failed to deliver the high quality material that they expected.

However if you were creating quality content, hosted on a site with tight editorial rules then you had nothing to fear and will have more than likely seen an improvement in your relationship with Google.

Anyway whatever you are doing to supply the search engines with the content they crave, always ensure you are working towards a goal no matter how dodgy your plan is to get there.

A bad plan can always be made better but… well you know the rest.