How is Your Balance?

analogue clock_sxc_fangol‘Tis now time to travel once again towards Happiness

As I slowly return to my online adventure after 5 months away, I find much of my online landscape has fallen into disrepair and with the EU making life complicated for digital retailers, much of what had promise has had to be taken offline.

As you know only too well standing still in the digital world results in you moving backwards and being left behind. Which of course is why we and those we serve continue to look for superior solutions to our issues.

This is what led me to trial Piwik, a self hosted analytics service which gives you full access to the data generated by those that travel through your digital landscape.

Unfortunately self hosted means self managed!

As I returned to add another site to my analytics dashboard, I was presented with several issues

  • The server PHP version was due to expire and I have no control over this
  • There were server security setting incompatible with Piwik
  • The server file system, NFS was not ideal or Piwik optimal functionality.

And to cap it all off the dashboard would not load correctly hence preventing me from adding any new websites and hence rendering the Piwik service useless.

Now none of these issues are insurmountable.

But in your life just like mine we have choices to make and balances to strike.

Therefore do I persist using Piwik, a highly rated analytics service which gives me all my data but means I have to manage the server environment it depends upon or do I look to return to Google Analytics or another service.

Google Analytics is as I hope you appreciate not free.

As users we trade the activity data of those that travel through our digital landscapes in exchange for unpaid access to our data on their servers. The benefit of this trade is that we balance the ability to focus on our business growth with having someone else manage the technicalities of maintaining the data tracking service.

Data is the true currency online.

But at our level, time is the primary asset we have to spend and thus we need to decide where our focus is best rewarded.

This decision between analytics options is the same balancing act you and I have to face each day when presented with a “superior system for achieving…”, its only superior if we have the resources to implement and crucially manage the new solution.

Quite clearly if I had stuck to and focused on mastering only Google Analytics and a single marketing strategy from day 1, almost 5 years ago, I would most likely be much closer to my goals today, rather than facing having to reshape and redefine my digital landscape once again.

Today what could your online adventure benefit from you dropping?



  1. Hi Igor,

    An interesting post, as I too have many fallback with life online. Now although I do not claim to be as tech advanced as yourself and would not dare to have that conversation! I have been around P2S since 2011 and find myself only in the teens of the course; every-time I come back, there is change!

    The way I see it is, change is opportunity, an opportunity to learn something new and I love to learn. I often reflect on the missed chances on just getting on with it over the years but to be honest I have used that time to do other great things and have no regrets.

    So I am joining you Igor in the challenge of learning something new and I am going for it in 2015 and wish you all the luck in the world. I am positive you will make the right choice whether to stick with what you know or Piwik and i look forward to reading and learning more from your blog. Love the layout BTW-awesome 🙂

    I also just want to say that I am on a personal challenge to comment on all the blogs on P2S which I have a list of 155 and I want to complete this by 22nd of March 15, so remember that and please feel free to visit my blog and return the comment 🙂


    1. Hello Paul, thanks for leaving such a great comment, I held back from replying until I had returned from my UK holiday as I set this return as the point where I would get back on it and start to live and work consciously again. Its all too easy to live happily in a less than ideal but comfortable life rather than continuing with the daily challenges to achieve a better life. Glad you are still making headway as I have seen many friends decide to abandon their pursuit of whatever they aspired their online business to bring them.

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