Aweber Will You Follow Me?

aweberloginWhen you have done all the setting up in your new autoresponder and the forms are ready to be used for your new subscribers, it makes sense to bring across all those that you spent so much time gathering in your old autoresponder. This is thankfully a relatively simple task which most of the major services make even simpler through push button menu driven processes.

However the question that you should consider at this point is this.

Do you really want to import all of those people that are nothing more than numbers on a spread sheet and have never engaged or even opened any of your email compositions in a very long time if ever.

I would recommend you take this opportunity to do some spring cleaning of your list and use their lack of attention to your benefit.

I am on the move will you follow me?

In the following video I illustrate how I created this last message to my GetResponse subscribers and this is the same process that I use to create all of my messages. The important point here is that once you have a process similar to this, you are free to outsource the mundane elements of this task to someone else, of course you will continue to write the message but the preparation for delivery can be done by another member of your team once you have the process in place to support them.


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If the video fails to play here, you can watch it on YouTube here 

Now that I am back in Aweber and the deadline for my subscribers to take action has passed, I am free to close my GetResponse account and focus on just one service that is loved and used by many marketers of all levels. I have wandered far and wide trying many email delivery services but none can compare to Aweber for the range of essential features that it contains and does very well.

I  am looking forward to working without this niggle and focussing on moving forwards with you by my side, here is to our success.