‘Avon’ Calling

Cold Callers

I hated selling to friends.

Although I was for a time a Kleeneze agent and not one of Avon’s army, the awkwardness of selling to friends and family was just I imagine the same.

However, you like me and most other marketers have no problem selling to strangers even though we all know that selling is easier when the know, like and trust elements have been established.

Yet as I begin the Quick Start Challenge 3 (QSC3) tonight, I see that many people have forgotten this and reverted to cold selling strangers.

One of your first steps in most training programs is to introduce yourself to your peers.

This normally takes one of two forms, a Facebook group update or an entry in a blogroll. In QSC3 it took the form of the blogroll and I thought it would be helpful to define what exactly that term means.

According to http://dictionary.reference.com/


1. a list on a blog page, usually running down one side, that has links to other blogs, websites, or online discussion groups:

a blogroll of his favorite travel sites

Origin of blogroll
blog + roll (in the sense of ‘list’)


You only get once chance to make a good first impression.

With that in mind, its sad to see so many people damaging their reputation with broken links, abandoned sites or cold sales in the QSC3 blogroll.

Of course you can cold sell if you have full faith in your range of solutions and become a walking talking advert for them, and have the time with your audience to warm them up to develop the crucial know, like and trust.

However like me, I guess when you click on a blogroll you are looking to find out more about who the person is.

When you land on the page and discover only a pitch for a sale or optin, the natural instinct is to close the page.

However when I landed on pages that revealed more about the person behind the link, I added them to my RSS reader, for future monitoring and determination as to whether they are someone I want to know better personally or in business terms.

When you add a page to a blogroll, take a cold hard look at your page through the eyes of someone who knows nothing about you but most likely does want to. Do you now know more about you and where your interests lie or have you just been pitched to?

I know which I prefer to present first, how about you?