Asking Yourself the Right Question

Online frustrationWith the slightest change in mindset your fortunes could be transformed.

It takes a great team to run a business however as an entrepreneur all too often the instinct is to do the exact opposite.

As I am currently in the process of creating my latest solution, I have realized that I have fallen into this trap, as the leader in your online business its up to you to set the principles and goals for your business and the solutions it offers however once these are set then your mindset needs to change.

As part of my latest solution I am exploring the elements of the Universal Analytics solution offered by Google and how they can be used to optimize your funnels. However when it comes to advising other people you need to tread very carefully and it was for that reason I realized I had fallen into the entrepreneurs trap.

I had asked myself the wrong question when planning this latest solution and that question was.

“How can I do this?”

By centering my planning and development around this question it setup my mindset and activity for a whole lot of extra work.

Many top marketers have mentioned this trap such as Rich Schefren who describes the 2 alternative mindsets as either working in or working on your business. Tony Shepherd recently discussed on his blog that any new marketer who desires to become full-time should first aim to replace their salary and the fastest way to achieve this it to ask yourself an alternative question.

In fact this is the question I should have asked myself when planning this solution and will be the question I ask when I start the second development phase of this solution.

The question you should always ask yourself is this.

“How Can I Get This Done?”

Can you see the major difference between these 2 questions?

The most important effect in asking this latter question rather than the first is that it aligns where you sit in your business to that recommended by Rich Schefren, Rich says you should aim to work on your business not in it. When Tony suggested you should replace your salary, unless you adopt this mindset then all you will likely achieve is to replace your offline job with an online one in which you are probably working harder for a lower reward at least initially.

Returning to the solution creation that I am currently involved in and the coming second phase.

When I am ready to start planning that phase, I will take time to plan out what needs to be done and this time consider where my knowledge and skills can be best used and where the need for personal learning can be minimized.

Self development is great but you need to accept that you cannot and do not need to know everything, especially as there are topics and tasks that you really would do anything to avoid or could only do poorly.

I hope you found this post useful and I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. Hi Igor,

    A timely reminder that as entrepreneurs, we don’t need to do everything ourselves.

    It’s good to be reminded every once in a while that a simple shift in mindset can mean the difference between making rapid progress toward our goals and taking the slow road to nowhere.

    Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Hey igor thank you for another great post.
    At first I did not get the difference between the two questions. Then it hit me. How right you are. As a new starter in this business I do feel that I should learn everything and do everything. However, on reading your post I realize the pressure I have been putting on my self.

    Thank you for your post
    Take care

    1. Well hello Pauline, great to hear from you and thanks for visiting. This of course is the problem, there is only a subtle difference between the 2 questions asked but a massive difference their effects can have on your life and its all too easy to fall back into the trap of the first question when doing something new.

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