Article Marketing Without Blood Sweat or Tears

Well this was or rather is, going to be about making the most of your article writing efforts through article marketing promotion, however before that, as most blog owners know clearing out the spam comments is a necessary task that is frustrating to say the least.

Tonight I noticed, that a large proportion of the comments were using the same phrase, when I checked the email addresses these were all unique, however the IP details were identical. Bingo I can use the hosting account IP blocker to kill this address, now of course this should be used sparingly, otherwise you will end up a grumpy old person with a great blog that no-one can see because you have blocked them all!

Is using IP blocking in this way a bad idea? It would be interesting to hear your opinion on this.

Right back on with the show…

I have been sat on the article marketing system that Matt Bacak created for far too long but finally I decided to give it a run through, minus the press release which never got accepted.

The premise of this system if you have not read my ‘Success Through Action’ blog, is that from your article you create an audio, video and podcast version. This of course means that from the one article, you now have 4 media products to use to spread your message.

So how did Matts’ system work out?

Fantastic to be honest, the whole process only took 2 hours, well it did apart from the podcast. This took a lot longer as I had to Facebook Article Marketing Grouplearn all about the differences between iTunes and xml code. If you want to know more about this visit the Article Marketing Group on Facebook.

Next time the entire process will be done in less than the 2 hours, as I will know what I am up to, but what of the results?

Well the Squidoo lens is now ranked at 78,000, the video has been placed on YouTube and has had 10 views in the 7 days that it has been live and the podcast is now available through the iTunes store. All of these results have been achieved without any promotion, yes I know 10 views for a video is not groundbreaking, but it is 10 I would not have had and has got my YouTube channel noticed by more people.

This was the whole point of the system, generating more traffic to your world with the minimum of effort, therefore I can happily state that this system is worth doing again and I am going to do so very soon, of course if you can think of anything we can add to the system I would love all about it .